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10 Questions and Answers About the May 30th Brake of Noon Radical Bike Tour and Vegan Picnic Brunch Benefit

Brake of Noon Flyer

Hey, check out the flyer!

Enjoy Brooklyn from between your handlebars at the Brake of Noon on Sunday, May 30th! Meet at the north end of Manhattan Avenue (north of Ash Street) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at noon. The ride will end where the picnic begins at 2:00pm: Prospect Park’s Nethermead. Suggested donation of $5 to $20. All proceeds will benefit local youth activism programs through the New Look Foundation and Powered by Service Initiative.

Event organizers Lila and Sarah answered our most pressing questions about the ride. If you have additional questions for them, email and follow them on Twitter (@thepublicbody)!

SuperVegan: Why did you choose to benefit the New Look Foundation and its Powered By Service Initiative?

Lila: New Look Foundation and Powered By Service empower and mentor youth as leaders to gain skills and create social change on their own terms. I’ve worked with New Look for some time and the teens are doing some incredible things—teaching other youth about environmental justice and community gardening in neighborhoods like Hunt’s Point (which has the highest rate of asthma in the country), using art as a tool for social change, creating their own youth-led media programs, and more.

SuperVegan: What are your favorite landmarks we’ll visit en route to Prospect Park?

L: Well, we’ll start off at the Newtown Creek—which, did you know is the site of one of the world’s largest oil spills? They think it’s connected to the elevated rate of brain cancer in the surrounding area. After that, we’ll check out a really elaborate environmental justice mural in South Williamsburg. We’ll also drop by a few other sites related to art, community, and more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

SuperVegan: Can our gluten-free and soy-free friends expect to find something to eat at the picnic?

Sarah: Yeppers. We will have soy-, gluten-, and nut-free options. But, they will all be prepared in a non-gluten/soy/nut free environment (i.e., my itty bitty kitchen) so those with severe allergies should be aware. The menu will include my new experiment in eggplant bacon, berry danishes, Southern “buttermilk” biscuits, and a grits casserole that would make Paula Deen blush.

SuperVegan: Will Sarah’s world famous hushpuppies make an appearance?

S: Hmmm, they weren’t on the menu but I think I can arrange something…

SuperVegan: Will there be ride marshals who can help folks with their bike repair needs along the ride?

L: We’ll have a pump and patch kits available on site. You can call us marshals if you want.

SuperVegan: What supplies do you suggest that our less experienced riders take on the ride?

L: Be sure to strap that helmet on. You might also want to pack a picnic blanket, your own food-eating gear, and maybe even a camera.

S: A water bottle. If you’ve had a rough night before I suggest filling it with coconut water&#8212stay hydrated!

SuperVegan: How many riders are you expecting?

L: We’re not sure! It could be anywhere between 15 and 30 at this point.

SuperVegan: Can folks who don’t ride bikes show up to the eatin’ portion of the day?

L: Totally!! 2pm at the Nethermead. We’ll be recognizable, I promise.

SuperVegan: If it’s raining on May 30th, will we still ride?

L: Yes! Unless it’s torrential rain in which case we can decide as a group what to do. Bring rain gear if showers are expected. We will picnic under the pagoda near the Nethermead if necessary.

SuperVegan: Will I be the only person riding a 1989 Ross ten-speed instead of a track bike with Deep Vs?

L: Actually, we’ll be riding a 30-person spider-shaped tandem tall bike.


  1. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    This sounds cool! I am SO not an athlete, but I might try to make the bike ride. ether way i will be there for the food and company.

  2. Comment by


    on #

    It’s gonna be a leisurely ride! I’ll stop by your place and we’ll ride up to the Greenpoint starting point together!

  3. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    Oh sugar! TO Greenpoint and back? whoa. you will be the wind beneath my wings. :-)