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500 Wild Geese Captured At Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge


There apparently isn’t much refuge for wildlife in Jamaica Bay, as 500 geese were captured and crated to be killed by the USDA this morning at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. GooseWatchNYC founder David Karopkin arrived immediately on the scene, taking photos, such as the one above, and videos documenting the hundreds of geese being loaded into USDA trucks for “removal.”

Karopkin commented on being witness to the abuse, saying, “I watched the geese thump against the crates struggling to get out. I was threatened with arrest more than once. I was alone, and I did the best I could to document the roundups, at the same time I was receiving dozens of calls. I am heartbroken and angry. I don’t think there was anything I could have done to stop the roundups this morning.”

You can view more photos of the round up, as well as the video below (fair warning, these were hard for me to look at). More videos are also available: one, two, three.

So what can you do to stop this cruel treatment of wildlife? Aside from getting involved with GooseWatchNYC, you can comment on the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s Facebook post about how you feel your tax dollars are being spent. Also below are the phone numbers of some important people with the power to put an end to these acts.

National Park Services Deputy Superintendent Suzanne McCarthy: 917-731-1997
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge: 718-354 4602
Mayor Bloomberg: 212-788-3000
Senator Gillibrand: 212-688-6262
Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390

Although there wasn’t much David Karopkin could do upon arriving at the refuge, he must be commended for taking action.


  1. Comment by

    Jennifer Meisner

    on #

    So unnecessary , ignorance run wild.. nice photo USDA does this tee shirt make my butt look big?? No, but it males your brain look small…

  2. Comment by

    Genevieve Mathis

    on #

    These roundups are shameful, barbaric, and useless. They should never happen.

  3. Comment by

    Allison Brown

    on #

    Are these people stupid? shame on them. Let them go!