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A More Veg-Friendly Saveur?

More Gourmet Veg Dishes to Hit the Pages of Saveur?

More Gourmet Veg Dishes to Hit the Pages of Saveur?

I’m so excited that Saveur – one of the nation’s leading and most influential gourmet magazines – has named James Oseland as its new editor-in-chief. Veg foodies and gourmands may recognize Oseland – who describes himself as a “semi-vegetarian at home” – as an instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute and from his seminar on Asian vegetarian cuisines at the New School back in March – sadly, I missed it, please make sure to comment if you did make it!

Though just having someone who is familiar with vegetarian cuisine at the helm of a major food magazine is exciting enough, there are more reasons to celebrate!

The vegan side of me is excited that Oseland will be replacing Colman Andrews who said the following in 2002 in response to a query relating to his editorial thoughts at Saveur regarding animal protection and vegetarian issues:

The one category of letter that I throw away because it’s just not worth responding, are those from PETA where people say, “How can you glorify foie gras when these ducks or geese are tortured in order to provide this decadent pleasure?” I can’t answer that. If it bothers you, I respect your right not to eat it or buy it, but it’s an old tradition dating back to the Romans. I’ve seen the geese in farms run toward the person who’s going to shove the funnel down their neck, not away from them.

Hopefully, Andrews’ opinions have changed and he has since been more educated on the horrific cruelty inherent in foie gras production – especially when he’s leaving Saveur to work on other projects, including writing for Gourmet. (And surely, this is not to say that Oseland is anti-foie gras or any more sympathetic to animal issues.)

Now, last but not least, the foodie side of me is hopping up and down since Oseland, the author of the forthcoming Cradle of Flavor, is a recognized expert of Southeast Asian cuisines. While most Americans are familiar with (some form of – authentic or not) Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Japanese, and growingly, Thai and Korean, Southeast Asian cuisines from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore have yet made a splash in America.

It’d be interesting to see how Oseland’s background and experience will lead Saveur‘s coverage and the nation’s culinary direction in Southeast Asian and vegetarian cuisines.

Want to get a taste of Southeast Asia without taking a 20 hour plane ride and before the big Southeast Asian culinary wave hits?

Try these vegan recipes for Malaysian Herbal Rice Salad, Lemongrass-Scented Coconut Rice, and Lemongrass and Shallot Sambal at James Oseland’s website.

Or of course, try the following tastes offered by NYC’s incredible veg restaurants!!

Spicy Laksa Noodle Soup at Buddha Bodai
South Asian Lumpia and Satay Grilled Seitan at Blossom
Roti Canai and Satay Grilled Chicken at Red Bamboo

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