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A Real American Vegan Superhero

“Power UP!”

Tonya Kay, 29, is one of 11 contestants on Who Wants To Be a Superhero? She does precision bullwhip (non-leather we hope) and “Creature,” her superhero alter ego is a dreadlocked crusader for healthy lifestyles, nutrition and environmental awareness.

“I would normally never audition for a reality TV show. They’re making TV for free without paying us to perform. But my friends are always telling me, ‘Tonya Kay, you are such a comic book hero.’ So I’m just going to go out there and be my super-duper self.”

Her superpowers? As Creature, she “can heal others with fruit and raw foods; shoots fire-beams; wields a magical bullwhip; throws knives with unerring precision.” Her vulnerabilities? Losing her hair drains her strength. She’s also a sucker for gumballs (we all have some kind of junk food vice). She’s fighting for, “…justice and good health for humanity.”

Behind this lively new reality show airing Thursdays on the Sci Fi Channel (check local listings) is Marvel Comics maestro Stan Lee, who judges a series of challenges to determine who among them qualifies to be a superhero. What’s Ms. Kay battling for? A chance to whip it good in a personalized Marvel comic book, in addition to being featured in an over-the-top supernatural Saturday night B-movie thriller on Sci Fi.

Why She’s OUR Hero
Tonay Kay is a fitness fiend, vegan, has a special passion for raw fruit and is eco savvy with her car: she runs her 2001 VW Jetta strictly on vegetable oil.

“It doesn’t cost me anything and it’s totally emission-free,” she says. “People give me their used cooking grease. The used cooking grease I get from an Ethiopian vegan restaurant here in L.A. is really clear.”

So what will make Stan Lee take note of perhaps the most prominently featured vegan on television? “It’s my positivity and optimism along with my pro-environmental message and health advocacy.”

Veg-on, Creature/Tonya Kay! Look me up if you need a sidekick!

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