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A review of Matisse & Jack’s “TrailBlaze”

Matisse and Jack’s were kind enough to contribute to the world TrailBlaze, the Bake-At-Home Energy Bar. This is the only boxed mix for energy bars. Clearly, Matisse and Jack have filled a niche. But perhaps this is a niche that was better left empty?

All of the dozen people that I mentioned this product to questioned the need for it. Energy bars aren’t that hard to come across and one of the reasons most people eat them is because they’re convenient. Folks who want something tailored to their taste and budget and more eco-friendly generally make their own from scratch since it isn’t that hard to do.

I wasn’t put off by all this talk. I thought these bars must be f***ing fantastic, especially if I have to work so hard for them. Wrong. I tried both the chocolate chip and cranberry-walnut variety, and both were pretty unappetizing. They weren’t grossly inedible, but I couldn’t imagine eating or preparing them if they weren’t free (as opposed to the $5 they cost on the website) and if I didn’t have to write a review. In fact, I’m wondering how I can get rid of the rest of my test batch.

According to the promotional material on their website, TrailBlaze won accolades from a panel of blind taste-testers and the press. If you enjoy turning on your oven in August, doing dishes, having to make sure your fridge is stocked with applesauce, and the taste and texture of cold oatmeal, then TrailBlaze is for you. It’s just definitely not for me.

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