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A review of Vere vegan chocolates

Filed under: Food Product Review Sweets
Vere Chocolate Coconut Clusters

Vere Chocolate Coconut Clusters

The folks at NYC-based Vere Chocolates (there’s actually a straight line atop that last “e”, so I thing we’re supposed to pronounce it like “very”) were kind enough to send us a huge selection of their vegan artisan chocolates for review. Here’s what we thought:


I really like the stylish packaging and would consider giving this chocolate to someone as a present just based on that alone. However, sampling each variety of the chocolate was laborous. Vere chocolates are neither sweet nor creamy, so they’re missing two qualities I look for in a treat. They also annoyed me by including a vere not vegan brownie with our samples, which caused me to read each label twice with insane frenzy. I think I’ll stick to the more affordable and palateable Tropical Source chocolate bars.


I’d rate this chocolate as average. It had an interesting taste—much less sweet than most chocolate, but also kind of… empty. It’s hard to describe—although the chocolate was dark, it didn’t really have that much flavor. Ultimately I found it bland; not an enjoyable dessert. The one exception was the clusters of coconut dipped in chocolate—the coconut was tasty, and it’s hard to go wrong with a coconut/chocolate combination.


I liked it. But keep in mind that I also enjoy eating unsweetened baking chocolate. Vere is definitely something of a challenge for the palate; I’m a snob, so that’s fine with me. There’s good quality cacao in here.

The packaging/marketing, as well as the molding of the chocolate itself, is very attractive and well designed.

From an ecological perspective, Vere doesn’t seem too motivated. While each individual product is not particularly overpackaged, our promo pack came in an oversized custom-printed bag, stuffed with pale green tissue paper and a glossy folder full of inserts. They later sent us a glossy postcard, in an envelope sealed with a sticker (actually they sent two identical ones to the same address on the same day). The eco-concious consumer should look elsewhere. This is definitely style over ethics. Or perhaps style as ethics. Though I do appreciate that the stuff is locally confected, in their factory in Manhattan.

Anyway, the well-wrapped postcard asked: “What is delicious, has less sugar than an apple, more fiber than a slice of whole wheat bread, more antioxidants than a glass of red wine and contains the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as olive oil?” Draw your own conclusions.

If you like chocolate as a drug, but not so much as a treat, this is ideal for you. Delicious medicine; less convincing as dessert.

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    hello from oasis sanctuary ! i was wondering what to get my friend christine ( that wont melt in the mail)
    well its gonna be vegan chocolates and a lil bear w/ a heart. i told her im gonna surprise her with a lil gift. i was thinking more like jewlery but i only known her for a year. and personal clothes are too personal.
    peace richie from ( wantagh and north branch,ny )