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ABC News Declares Vegans “Holier Than Thou,” Our Own Jason Atkins Proves He’s Not

Filed under: Media Stupid SuperVegan
ABC knows Photoshop.

ABC knows Photoshop.

There’s a big new story leading the Health section at ABC News. It seems reporter Jonathan Fenaroli is feeling bad about being vegetarian but is too weak to go vegan, so he set out to find some quotes to support his insecurities. Only, all the vegans he quotes, including SuperVegan’s own Jason Atkins, are totally not condescending or high-horsey. Fenaroli does quote a few vegetarians with apocryphal stories of being preached at, but basically the whole thing reads like fishing for quotes in support of a fishy thesis (no offense to the fish).

As Jason says, “naming is counterproductive because it causes division. I would like it personally if everyone were vegans, but that’s not very realistic. Some people consider veganism giving something up. I don’t see it that way; I just don’t want to purchase or contribute to anything that hurts animals.” Right on.


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    Whether or not they realize it, it’s the opposite in my mind. The non-vegans have this implicit “holier than thou” mentality that puts their desires for meat, milk, leather, etc above the nonhuman’s right to freedom. Vegans reject that idea, acknowledging the equality between humans and nonhumans.

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    This is a completely incompetent piece of journalism. The reporter just called up a bunch of vegetarians and vegans he knew, got some quotes and threw it together–typical big-box culture piece reportage that makes trendster subjects look completely self-obsessed. It’s really too bad this will be the only source of info for a lot of people outside the veg community on the topic. (On the bright side, Jason Atkins came off great!)

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    I just want to point out that everyone should look at the comments and read the ridiculous conversations going on there. People are stupid.