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Amy Sedaris Doesn’t Like You

Amy Sedaris: snubs vegans, but not PETA.

Amy Sedaris: snubs vegans, but not PETA.

Actress, comedian and newly-minted author Amy Sedaris was on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show this afternoon hawking her new book I Like You. The book resurrects the lost art of Southern hospitality, Sedaris style: definitely not vegan-friendly. In the first half of the interview, she concluded her “Googly Eyes” contest, wherein she’d instructed contestants to put googly eyes on food because “it just comes alive.” The winner put googly eyes on a hot dog. Not ironic at all.

Later she told LenLo she invites vegans to her dinner parties, but she won’t cater to them. “I’m like, you’re still invited but just eat ahead of time because I’m not gonna deal with that,” she said. “You have to assume someone’s vegetarian so I just try to come up with a menu that can please everybody. But vegans and macrobiotics? Whatever, forget it.” Maybe she serves them her famous plaster cake. Or perhaps she’d “give them a chore to do” if they felt left out–like serving everyone else their chicken. (Thanks to reader Brad for the tip.)

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    “just eat ahead of time”

    I always do. But I’m a busy grrrl and I’m not exactly going to go out of my way to attend a dinner party when I’m specifically told this. Very warm and welcoming.

    And isn’t catering the hostess’ duty? I never demand to be catered to and always bring a dish. But telling someone to eat before they come to a dinner party is freaking rude – vegan or no. Why even invite them if you’re going to say that?