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An Ode to the Halloween Candy of My Nonvegan Past

I love sugar. And I love holidays that put sugar front and center. So as you can imagine, Halloween has a special place in my heart.

Now, there’s a vegan version of pretty much everything a vegan could want. And there are official guides to vegan Halloween candy to help you find your way. There are even sites that tell you which ingredients to watch out for because they’re animal-derived.

In addition to everything that’s accidentally vegan, there are purposely vegan pumpkin-flavored marshmallows, and chocolate-covered versions. You can even find Creepy Brains Lollipops and organic, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Scary Skulls. But there are some things with which vegan food technology just has not caught up, and at the top of this list is candy corn.

Oh, candy corn: You are so small, yet so sweet and creamy and delicious. How I miss you! Yes, sometimes you are manufactured without gelatin or honey, but then what do I find on your ingredients list? Beeswax. Sigh. Why, I ask you, why must we be apart? And will we ever be together again?

Yes, dear reader, I know I could make my own. But while there are some things I don’t mind making from scratch, there are others, like the tender corn candy, that I want simply delivered to me, ready to eat, and to enjoy.

And yes, I’ve heard there’s a vegan version in town. And I am grateful for the effort. But the corns are large, not small, so you can’t eat a handful at a time; instead you have to break off pieces. They also come in a box, not a bag. Which might lend itself to a more gourmet experience, but when it comes to sugar, I am a purist, and when it comes to reliving the past, it just does not match up.

So for now I do without my beloved candy corn, until some brilliant mind decides that we vegans have suffered long enough and that the vegan version of candy corn shall be true to the original, experience and all. That moment I eagerly await.


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    Yeah, and candy pumpkins, too!

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    Pandawithcookie on etsy usually does candy corn and pumpkins.