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Anatomy of a Bake Sale Benefit

Bake Sale! Bake Sale! Bake Sale!

Bake Sale! Bake Sale! Bake Sale!

MooShoes hosted a benefit bake sale for Sea Shepherd back on January 23rd. Take a good long look (but not too long) at these pictures of sweet gooey goodness, put on some socks, and go to MooShoes NOW. The vegan shoe purveyors are hosting ANOTHER benefit bake sale today, February 12th, but this time it’s for Darwin Animal Doctors. Treats will be available for purchase starting at noon today and will probably be all gone by the time the benefit ends at 6:00pm this evening.

Sea Shepherd Bake Sale at MooShoes, January 23rd, 2011I caught up with Ethan Wolf, Sea Shepherd New York Volunteer Coordinator, and asked him to share some photos of the January 23rd event and answer a few questions. Here’s the anatomy of a bake sale benefit:

Deborah: How did the bake sale exceed your expectations?
Sea Shepherd Bake Sale at MooShoes, January 23rd, 2011Ethan: I think everyone knows how great MooShoes and its owners Sarah and Erica are. And of course, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has grown in part due to the popularity of our successful ocean wildlife defense campaigns and Whale Wars, Animal Planet’s critically-acclaimed television series that follows our campaign to stop the illegal Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. But the number of people who baked and the number of people who came out to buy baked goods or shirts or sweatshirts was amazing. It was a very cold day yet people still showed up, even if to just drop in and buy a cookie or two. I continue to be impressed by the great support NYC has shown Sea Shepherd. People showed up at MooShoes before we even finished setting up; they were anxious for us to unpack the t-shirts and sweatshirts, and they were generous when they purchased baked goods.

Sea Shepherd Bake Sale at MooShoes, January 23rd, 2011Deborah: How much money did you raise?
Ethan: Between the bake sale and Sea Shepherd merchandise, we raised just under $4000.

Deborah: How many bakers participated?
Ethan: About 25 people notified us in advance that they were baking but another 10 or so bakers showed up. Lifethyme Bakery, Babycakes Bakery, and Terri also donated cupcakes, banana bread, and cookies.

Sea Shepherd Bake Sale at MooShoes, January 23rd, 2011Deborah: What was the most popular bake sale item?
Ethan: The pepperoni pizza pretzels (vegan, of course) sold out within 15 minutes.

Deborah: Why do all of the Sea Shepherd people dress alike?
Ethan: The serious answer is that we do ask that everyone who volunteers at an event wear a Sea Shepherd shirt. The non-serious answer is that Neptune’s Navy wears all (or mostly) black because it looks good; good pirates like to look good. Plus, Sea Shepherd ships are painted all black and it is easier to color coordinate your outfit with the ship when both are all black.

Photographs by Nate Inglis and Max Ocampo.


  1. Comment by

    Pat Dickens

    on #

    We all dress the same because we are PROUD to be associated with such a FANTASTIC organization!!

  2. Comment by

    rory calhoun

    on #

    when did terrorists start having bake sales? I can only imagine what they are like in Iraq and Afghanistan!

  3. Comment by

    rory calhoun's internal o

    on #

    Hey back off on the “kujira” we are getting Minimata disease here!