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Anna’s Thin Cookies No Longer Trans-Fatty… Or Vegan

You'd best stock up while you still can.

You’d best stock up while you still can.

Another tragic victim of the misguided fight against trans fats: Anna’s Swedish Thins, that tasty mainstay for vegans shopping long days at IKEA. Anna’s has traded their hydrogenated oil for a non-hydrogenated margarine that’s made with whey. While you’ll still be able to find the vegan version on the shelves for a bit longer, North American company manager Keilani Bell says they’re phasing it out in favor of the new milky version–Ginger Thins are the first casualty. “At this point in time there is no plan to have that margarine modified so that it does not contain whey,” Bell told me. “However as many have enjoyed our ‘old’ product because it was suitable for the vegan diet I will address this with our Plant Manager for future consideration.”

You can write to Keilani Bell at Let her know how much you like your ginger thins milk-free. And when you go to the store, make sure you buy the box that doesn’t say “0 Trans Fats!” on the front.

This is part five of SuperVegan’s “No more trans-fats? But how will I go on?” series on the ban as it affects vegans in New York City (and beyond!). Catch up here.


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    Motherf*cker. I used to love these things.

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    I’ve never eaten products by Anna’s Thins, but if they can switch to using animal ingredients at the drop of a hat, then that’s not really a company I’d want to patronize anyway. There doesn’t need to be a trade-off between no trans fats and good taste.

    Anyway, great series! Keep it up!

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    I just wrote Ms. Bell asking her to keep the cookies vegan. This makes me sad. In addition to eating the cookies, I love surprising people with the veganness of baked goods. But at least there are lots more mainstream snacks out there.

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    This reminds me of a new campaign that Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach launched recently.

    It turns out (surprise, surprise) that Morningstar Farms’ vegetarian line is made with eggs from battery caged hens. All the typical factory farming conditions apply: dead birds among live birds, beak mutilations, crowding.

    COK and VO are leading a consumer effort to get MSF to drop the eggs from their recipes. Submit your comments to Morningstar and spread the word. If we can get Morningstar to drop the eggs, that means fewer hens in cages and more ready-to-go vegan foods for transitioning vegetarians!