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Any Way You Slice It, Probiotics Don’t Suffice It!

Filed under: Health & Nutrition
If she keeps this up, she may have a hole somewhere else.

If she keeps this up, she may have a hole somewhere else.

Eating too much cheese causes constipation (gross, I know). Remember when dairy deities claimed eating their products helped you lose weight? Notice how they don’t promote that “crap” anymore?

Now, milky moguls at Kraft are misleading consumers to think they can eat all the cheese they want. While watching my daytime drama the other day, I was truly shocked and appalled at a commercial for LiveActive, a cheese claiming to help digestion with the addition of probiotics. Kraft says, “health and wellness is a growing trend among consumers and Kraft has a delicious new option for those who want to maintain a healthy digestive system.”

One could argue they’re indirectly admitting all their cheese before now is NOT healthy for digestion. This real life drama is so tragic; I’m going to “dump” on it!

In an article for Dynamic Chiropractic, Gordon Butler says “foods are digested and assimilated about 50 percent by volume. Cheese is the worst offender, with only 20-30 percent being digested and assimilated. Cheese is extremely viscid when it leaves the stomach. Cheeses cause most constipation. It is not possible to classify it as a health food, but instead should be classified as the number one menace.”

Who cares if they add probiotics? Dairy demons will claim anything to push Provolone or seduce you with Swiss. Flush this one now!

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    Bio-K+ capsules are excellent probiotics, and the only vegan ones I’ve found. They carry them at Whole Foods. Not cheap, but they work really well.