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As Temperatures Drop, Stay Warm the Vegan Way with Hot Cocoa, Mittens, and More

This gal has the right idea. (Credit:

This gal has the right idea. (Credit:

I don’t know about you, but I’m always secretly excited when the fall weather starts rolling through. Summer in New York can be brutally hot, sticky, and stinky, so it’s definitely a cause celebré when I can finally bike around without sweating through my clothes and smelling like hot garbage juice. But there’s another reason to be excited about cooler temperatures: warm drinks and warm clothes. Here are some of my favorite (vegan) things for the Autumn months. It’s true, I’m sort of like the Vegan Oprah.

Allison’s Gourmet Drinking Chocolate: There is nothing more perfect after a long, cold day of trudging through the city than a mug of hot cocoa. I got a pouch of Allison’s Gourmet Drinking Chocolate as a housewarming gift recently, and I have been drinking at least a cup of the stuff every day. Throw in a handful of Dandies Candies Marshmallows, and you’re lucky if I actually eat dinner that night. It’s like childhood in a cup, complete with sugar rush.

Scarves and Mittens: Seriously, I do a little dance when I get to bring all my winter gear out of the closet. I love wearing cute hats and scarves, and it’s even better when they actually serve a purpose (i.e. keeping my fingers from freezing). This year I’ve discovered a bunch of great vendors on Etsy, including xmittens, who crafts gloves and scarves out of recycled fleece, and ScarecrowOrganics, who creates gloves and overcoats from organic cotton and bamboo fibers.

Baked Goods: When I think of fall and winter, I always think of the scent of vegan baked goods filling my kitchen. Not only is this delicious, but last winter, when my apartment had no heat for a month, turning the oven to 350F to bake a batch of muffins was a surefire way to generate a little warmth. You can, of course, peruse your favorite vegan cookbook or recipe website (I love VegWeb, for example), or for the truly lazy busy among us, companies like Wholesome Chow offer a variety of vegan baking mixes. Just add water, and voila, instant holiday fare.

Vegan Winter Boots: I’ve been rocking the same pair of vegan Earth Boots for a couple of years now, but the holes in the lining are telling me that it’s definitely time for an update. I couldn’t find any vegan boots on the Earth Shoes website (boo!), but I bought a pair of vegan cowboy (cowgirl?) boots from Novacas a few months ago and am totally in love. As it turns out, they also make winter boots, so you can bet I will be indulging in a pair before the first snow falls.

What are your favorite tell-tale signs of Autumn’s arrival?


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    on #

    Supposedly Qdoba has vegan hot chocolate?? Anybody know for sure?

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    Actually, Earth has 3 different styles of vegan boots currently listed on Planet Shoes. The Earth Pride boots look pretty cute!

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    Allison Rivers Samson

    on #

    Hi Jenna,
    Thank you so much for honoring us by including our Drinking Chocolate in your post! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it so. =) Happy house- and body-warming!!