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Atlas’s new SuperVegan Combo—You’re Welcome!

Say what you will about Atlas Cafe—it’s small, you have to walk through food prep to get to the loo, its cleanliness is questionable and there’s a giant shoe hanging on the wall—but before you leave cranky comments, watch yourself: I have an undying love for the place like a vegan mama and her namesake vegan sandwich cub (have you had “the Andrea”? I recommend it).

Their color coded menu (green for veggie and red for meaty) grows faster than bamboo (the world’s fastest growing grass ), and the array of Vegan Treats is almost as far as your stomach’s eyes can reach.

On a recent visit, I had a chat with Oualid (pronounced “Wa-leed”), one of the owners, and asked him to create yet another 8 1/2 x 11 special. I free-handed the sign in about 93 seconds, so don’t judge, graphic designer readership—I realize the kerning is off and the font isn’t consistent—I had a ballpoint pen and a wet table, whachuwant?

So please to enjoy the SuperVegan Combo! A bargain at $10, you get soup, 1/2 a sandwich, and a piece of cake! These can be eaten in any order! I’m available, if you’re buyin’…

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    and…they also sell VSPOT empanadas at ATLAS!!! and VSPOT lasagna at TEANY!! (Oualid is part owner of TEANY) just sayin ;)