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Author Of The Vegetarian Myth Pied

Filed under: Activism Media Stupid
 That pie better be vegan or you're gonna look dumb

That pie better be vegan or you’re gonna look dumb

On Saturday, Lierre Keith, author of the polarizing book, The Vegetarian Myth was struck with a cayenne pepper-laced pie while speaking at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. It would be easy to dismiss the physical attack as little more than a publicity stunt (I mean, it’s only a coincidence that her Amazon sales rank shot from #4500 on Saturday to #644, where it is now). It would also be easy to criticize her attackers for their lack of judgment; after all, it is assault and such an act does little to quell the message – instead, it helps to publicize it.

Such narratives would be easy to convey; y’know what would be hard? (It being St. Patrick’s Day and all) To write a limerick about the whole ordeal, that would be hard. So, here it goes:

There once was a vegan who changed her case
And wrote a book that put her ideas in place
To her the cause was all a myth
Something vegans couldn’t get with
So, some decided to pie her in the face

Good thing SuperVegan tackles all the hard issues.


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    On that same day, a group of vegans attempted to question Lierre about the book at a later appearance and peacefully pass out fliers detailing some of the many inaccuracies the book contains. We’re now looking for writers to crowdsource a vegan rebuttal to the book.

    We bought, and will have a wiki up soon for anyone who feels like contributing. Email if you’re interested in contributing and feel free to pass around the pdf of our flier below.

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    I think your poem has too many syllables to be a true limerick. Here’s my contribution:

    There once was a vegan who caved;
    She then deemed the movement depraved.
    She hemmed and she hawed,
    But her logic was flawed.
    Thus from pie the dame couldn’t be saved.

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    I think I love you.

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    I don’t think it was cool at all that they put chili peppers in the pie so it would burn her face. Throwing a pie is one thing. Trying to burn a person’s face is another.

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    yeah, not cool. while i think this book is total rubbish, and that this lady is a dietary nincompoop, i don’t think it’s cool to resort to crap like throwing pies at strangers. hate crimes aren’t funny. way to go, assface.

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    I just finished the book and thought it was pretty good. Sure, you can quibble with some of her statements, and her attitude is certainly irritating to a vegan. But her underlying thesis is correct: corporate agriculture as practiced today is not sustainable. The rivers really are drying up, the topsoil really is eroding — these are not merely her opinion.