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Baby Seals Drown by the Hundreds of Thousands

As if the annual, unstoppable carnage that is the Canadian seal hunt weren’t depressing enough, the poor baby seals now have to contend with global warming. The good news is that the first stage of the hunt, in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, is likely to be scrapped. The bad news is that the reason for the scrapping is that the ice floes the pups are usually born on are breaking up, floating away and melting, and the mothers are being forced to give birth in the water. The pups are drowning by the hundreds of thousands because they cannot swim in the first few weeks of life and need the ice for survival.

The rest of the hunt will proceed as scheduled, despite the efforts of Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Susan Collins (R-ME), and the tireless efforts of boycotters of Canada and boycotters of Canadian seafood.


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    on #

    The people who are against Canadas harvest of seals[and I am one of them]if they are really sincere,why is there such a problem with most people feeling compassion for the slaughter of cattle,pigs,seafood etc.

  2. Comment by

    mary martin

    on #

    Good question. On the flip side, Someone recently commented on my blog, Animal Person, in a rage about how I blather on about cows, pigs, and greyhounds, and I don’t seem to care about the seals. I do a lot of nonprofit work and I often have to address judgment with regard to philanthropy (e.g., Mary, “how come you give $x to foster kids and not to Darfur?”) but we all have a passion for something (I hope), and we can’t fault others for not caring as much about the causes we care about (though that’s very easy to do). With that said, when the thing you care about is, for you, a moral issue (e.g., abolition of animal use), it can be maddening to deal with people who appear to live in a different moral world. But if we didn’t have any of these problems we wouldn’t be human, and we wouldn’t be here, charged with trying to work it all out.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    See for yourself how the seals are clubbed and shot:

    Kill footage from 2006

    Kill footage from 2005

    Take Action to Stop It

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Also, see Greenpeace’s USA’s Ocean campaign at:
    They are trying to bring awareness to the US about the many, many aspects of what mankind is doing to the oceans in and around out country. It’s almost overwhelming to me.