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Babycakes Vegan Bakery Is in Orlando!

First there was the cookbook. Then they expanded to Los Angeles. What’s the latest news from Babycakes? A brand-new store in downtown Disney, that’s what!

Okay, this might be a little more exciting for me than it is for you, because since I left NYC for Fort Lauderdale almost a year ago, let’s just say I haven’t been eating as well. So if Babycakes is headed my way, it’s time to celebrate! But it’s also a coup for the good guys: When’s the last time a monolith like Disney decided to kick out Mickey D’s and bring in not just a healthier option but a healthier vegan option? Can’t think of one? Neither can I.

So bring on the agave-sweetened cupcakes, brownie bites, biscuits with jam, corn bread, doughnuts and double chocolate crumb cake—I’m ready! But their phones aren’t working yet, so if you need a fix right now, drop Emily a line.

Florida just got a little bit sweeter!

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    I went to BabyCakes in Orlando last weekend. The donuts and cinammon toasty bread were both amazing. The cupcakes? HORRIBLE! The frosting has the taste and consistency of paste! The cupcakes (both the vanilla and red velvet) were dry and tasteless. But it was the frosting that made them completely inedible.

    I don’t really understand what they use to make that frosting but I still have nightmares about it. I make vegan/gluten free cupcakes and frosting all the time and never have encountered that taste/consistency. Theirs were completely inedible.

    Their chocolate chip cookies weren’t completly inedible but were not good.

    Bottom line, go for the donuts or their “breads.” Avoid the cupcakes at all cost.