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BARC’s New Building, Pets in Housing Bill

That wacky picture you see is the plan for the new building to house venerable Brooklyn animal shelter BARC. I think I like it, but like a lot of things in Williamsburg, it perhaps takes things a little too far? Nah, I like it.

Speaking of animals in need of shelter, New York City Council Member Tony Avella‘s Pets in Housing bill (Into 13) would provide a lot more of it. The bill is up for a vote soon. Lots more info is available from the League of Humane Voters who are holding a press conference at noon on Saturday April 5th at City Hall. Go and show your support!


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    Thank God Intro 13 is back! It’s been in limbo for the longest time, and we’ve been unable to get any information. Everybody should definitely attend, this is the chance to save alot of pets, and to make NYC much more pet friendly for responsible pet owners…!

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    April Fools?

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    Nope. This one’s real. See ya there!

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    It’s possible that if this passes it’ll make landlords even more wary than they already are of renting to new tenants who have pets. What’s the longest time you lived in the same NYC apartment?

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    20 years

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    20 years is a longtime. All I can say is that it’s hard to find an affordable apartment in NYC and harder still to find an affordable apartment that allows animals, especially dogs. It’s too bad that landlords can put us in this position.