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Beating Meat Doesn’t Mean Beating Meat

Filed under: New York City
Dan Hoyt

Dan Hoyt: Put it away!

We vegans may act more self-righteous than anyone else, but at heart we know that we’re no more kooky or less weird than everyone else. Depressing news though it is, it thus comes as no surprise to me that, as New York magazine tells it, Dan Hoyt, raw food guru and founder of Quintessence, is apparently a serial subway masturbator, and unfortunately proud of it. He may have stopped eating it, but he’s still slapping his salami in public, and, all stupid puns aside, that ain’t cool.

Of course, I can’t see how Hoyt’s raw foodism is relevant to his perversity, unless you buy into that tired, 2500-year-old trope that meat inspires carnal thoughts and that, consequently, veganism is a form of monastic creed only practiced by skinny men with long beards and women who look like Stevie Nicks. Actually, as the good folks at Holla Back NYC make clear on their site, street or subway harassment is not about sex, it’s all about power. Unfortunately, Dan Hoyt abused his in more ways than one.

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    No, it was about the sex.