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Become a fan of Beloved Binge on ReverbNation

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I’m far from a music connoisseur. I got into Nirvana right after Cobain’s suicide as I was curious why so many people were upset about his death. I only buy three or four CDs a year and these purchases are usually made when drunkenness or a down mood drives me into Virgin Megastore. (Yes, I’m an emotional supporter of Capitalist Pigs.) To top it off, I am the only person over the age of five who doesn’t own an iPod.

Still, when good music finds its way into my bubble I embrace it furiously. That’s why I’m currently beyond obsessed with Durham, North Carolina indie/ punkpop/ Greek band, Beloved Binge. Vegans Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge have made music that is sometimes furious (as in the case of “Consumption,” which has a badass AR edge), sometimes superjoyious (like “Vegan X-mas” ), and always enjoyable.

Josh Hooten, editor of Herbivore, says

In the dish they serve up you’ll find some Firehouse, Pixies, Violent Femmes, and some quirkiness that’s all their own…Happy I am to report that, indeed, Beloved Binge bring the rock.

We can be sure Josh knows what he’s talking about because he used to write for Punk Planet and I’m pretty sure he owns more than thirty CDs.

Beloved Binge is trying to make their way to SXSW, a party to be thrown in Austin, TX this March by the music networking website Apparently this event is kind of a big deal since lots of industry people will be there scoping out new talent. Beloved Binge needs lots of people to sign up and become their fan, so that they have a chance to be one of 50 bands to play at the event and get $1000. Who knows, maybe they’ll become bigger than Justin Timberlake, and wouldn’t it be hot to have vegans bring sexy back?

Bonus: Check out Eleni’s blog Binge Cafe to see a fun recipe for Vasilopita, a traditional Greek New Year’s treat.

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