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Black Beauty is not an entrée: Help horses now!

Americans sure get grossed out when they hear about folks in other countries eating animals that made it onto our “pets/ off-limits for dining list.” Once while practicing the names of animals in French class, some guy mentioned (en français) how when he was visiting Italy cheval was offered as a pizza topping. Once it was cleared up that he really did mean cheval (horse) and not porc (pig) or vache (cow), everyone was repulsed. Apparently their thought process went something like: Pig, fine. Cow, cool. But putting horse on pizza, that’s just plain wrong! When the vegetarian teacher and I pointed out that eating any animal might be considered disgusting to some groups, someone actually said (and I quote), “Nah, son. Whateva. They can’t do that to Black Beauty.” I tried not to wet my pants.

Well, I hope the people in my French class are reading this because now is the time to rescue Black Beauty. Our government is rounding up wild horses so they can sell them to foreign countries where people want to serve them atop pizza or between pieces of bread or something else fucked up like that. So put down your ham sandwich and do something. Oh yeah, it wouldn’t hurt us lazy vegans to make a phone call to our senators either.

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