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Black Sheep: Vegan Cinema Trend?

A cuddly mutant and his friend from Black Sheep.

A cuddly mutant and his friend from Black Sheep.

Vegans longing for a taste of vengeance should look no further than to the upcoming New Zealand indie film Black Sheep to have their appetites whetted. The campy revenge of the herds movie tells the horrific tale of a flock of sheep who become bloodthirsty predators as the result of a botched attempt at genetic engineering. Judging from the trailer, this isn’t a total AR movie; there are awkward allusions to zoophilia (was Peter Singer a consultant for this film?) and lethal mint sauce is flung on the mutant sheep. Still, we can expect to see lots of stupid animal exploiters getting their asses kicked. Black Sheep hits NZ theaters on March 29, but Americans will have to wait until June 22nd to witness the “violence of the lambs.”

Another film worth flocking to is White Lies, Black Sheep, directed by the Brooklyn vegan filmmaker James Spooner. A coming of age story of sorts, the fictional film tells the story of a Black hipster’s (or “blipster’s”) struggle for identity within the white dominated East Village rock scene. This is a great follow up to Spooner’s first film, Afro-Punk, an award winning documentary exploring the Black experience within the punk movement. It’s not clear when White Lies, Black Sheep will be released, but you can watch the trailer and sign up for updates via the mailing list on the film’s MySpace page.

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