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Blog of a Vegan Pirate, Post 2: First Days at Sea

Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin

The Sea Shepherd vessel, Steve Irwin, on its way to Antarctica

This is the second blog post in the series documenting the February to March 2008 leg of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling Antarctic campaign. Previous posts in the series are here. The following post was an email I sent on the second day at sea. Due to the holiday, the next whale blog post will be up next Monday, July 7.

(A donations page, if anyone wants to help me pay for plane tickets to my next Sea Shepherd campaign)

From: Steve Irwin Vessel
Sent on: 2/16/08 7:16 PM

Hello! Greetings from the middle of the ocean after two days at sea. It turns out the Australian government doesn’t like us since we’re pirates, even though we’re protecting their waters by engaging the Japanese whalers, but the individual citizens and cities love us. The Japanese fleet is actually invading the Australian Antarctic Territory to whale (against Australian law), so the Australians have good reason to love us and be pretty pissed off at the whalers. The locals at Melbourne gave us a hero’s sendoff when we left port in Melbourne two nights ago!

(photo taken by official ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

It’s been a lot busier than expected, as this isn’t your typical sit at your desk and use the computer type job. I’ve actually been doing a lot of hands on repairs to radar and other comm systems and keeping them running. And learning how to repair radar and other comm systems and how to keep them running since I’ve never seen any of this equipment before in my life.

The seas are tossing us quite a bit. My cabin is the forward-most cabin on the ship, and they call it the “zero-g” chamber. I didn’t know why they gave it that name until I woke up last night airborne off my bunk. There were like, maybe 10 people at breakfast. It seems like there’s almost no one on the ship because everyone’s in their bunk, sea sick.

I haven’t gotten sea sick, maybe because I play so many first-person shooter games on Xbox. Although being an OCD patient in the public bathrooms on the ship has been quite an experience. I wonder what happens if I run out of Purell to pour all over the bathrooms every morning.

And I finally got my pirate’s uniform! It has skulls and crossbones all over it. More news later.



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    Hello Tod and greetings from New York. I’m deeply impressed and touched by the good work of the Sea Shepherds.

    I live in Northern Westchester, maybe we’ll have the opportunity to meet sometime and discuss possible website collaboration projects together? I own a website development and Internet marketing company.

    I’m very much commited to educating people about what’s going down in this world regarding species extinction. It’s really, really scary……depressing, AND not fair. I think we need fewer humans in this world, respect for animal welfare…….and fleets of Sea Shepherd conservation ships patroling the worlds oceans.

    Daniel, AKA Eyelandt

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    I am a huge advocate of the Sea Shepherd and have thought about joining a campaign. I appreciate reading your first hand experience and look forward to reading the rest of the series.