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Blog of a Vegan Pirate, Post 7: Second Engagement with the Nisshin Maru

The Japanese soldiers on the Nisshin Maru prepare to fight us.

The Japanese soldiers on the Nisshin Maru prepare to fight us.

This is the seventh blog post in the series documenting the February to March 2008 leg of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling Antarctic campaign. Previous posts in the series are here. The following post was an email I sent three weeks into the voyage. The next update will come Tuesday, July 22nd.

(A donations page, if anyone wants to help me pay for plane tickets to my next Sea Shepherd campaign)

From: Steve Irwin Vessel
Sent on: 3/7/08 10:51:57 +0000

Hey, quick update as I’m in a rush. We just had another clash with the
Japanese soldiers and this time they shot us to hell.

A Japanese soldier winding up to throw a grenade at us. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

A Japanese soldier having tossed a grenade at us. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

They shot at us and threw grenades at us and tried to ram us with their
whaling factory ship and generally acted very unfriendly.

My friends Lawrence and Alex fighting back from the radar deck. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

Your dumbass friend’s job was to stand on the bridge as close as possible to the
grenade-throwers and warn the rest of the bridge crew when to take cover.

A flash-bang grenade from the Japanese in mid-throw. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

The Japanese soldiers threw grenades from behind riot shields. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

Our captain got shot in the chest, but he wore a bulletproof vest, so he’s fine.

Captain Paul Watson holding the bullet that hit his vest, and holding the badge that the bullet dented. (photo taken by ship’s photographer Noah Hannibal)

A close-up of the captain’s badge that was dented by the bullet.

In our previous encounter this week, we threw buteric acid and other chemicals at them to interrupt their whaling operation decks, and they shot water cannons and such at us then. But today the Japanese military replied with deadly force. Well, if you hear about us in the news I’m ok.

Anyway, we still have them on the run regardless, and they seem to be leaving whaling territory gradually, so hopefully we did the job.

Will update you again soon.



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    on #

    I very much respect your bravery! I’m currently reading The Whale Warriors by Peter Heller, so also reading your blog about the Sea Shepherd is nice to see it from a different perspective.

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    on #

    What a fabulous photo of your cat! I trade you one photo of my cat when she was quite small:
    What is your cats name?

    As for photography, I’ve just started! I’ve mainly been taking pictures of food and my cat. I’d like to start to get into band photography sometime, though.

    Game reviewer! That must be a wonderful job. I like so many. I am obsessed with all Legend of Zelda games..Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are my top favorites. Super Mario Bros 3, of course. I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 3 and Smash Brothers lately too. Oh man, I also love Lego Star Wars and any zombie game. I could go on forever about games. I’m studying computer programming and game design.

    What are your favorites?
    (I wasn’t sure if there was a better way to contact you besides through blog comments, but I figured for now this would be fine!)

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    What scum those whalers are. I was very surprised to read they used actual armed force against you, it seemed like they would have kept at their water cannons until I read this post. Yikes! Very brave, all of you. Great work!

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    We very much respect your bravery. We are currently reading The Whale Warriors by Peter Heller. Your blog is very nice.
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    That was the poorest attempt at fabricating an even I have ever seen. There is no way, no how that Watson was shot. It was completely contrived, and done so poorly that there is not even a shred of a doubt that it was staged.