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Blog of a Vegan Pirate, Post 8: Final Pass at the Nisshin Maru

The Nisshin Maru floods and washes off its decks in anticipation of attacks on its decks.

The Nisshin Maru floods and washes off its decks in anticipation of attacks on its decks.

This is the eighth blog post in the series documenting the February to March 2008 leg of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling Antarctic campaign. Previous posts in the series are here. The following post was an email I sent just over three weeks into the voyage. The next update will come Thursday, July 24nd.

(A donations page, if anyone wants to help me pay for plane tickets to my next Sea Shepherd campaign)

From: Steve Irwin Vessel
Sent on: 3/9/08 11:22:14 +0000

Hey, things settling down a bit, phew. We took one last pass at the whaling
factory ship before leaving them to get the harpoon ships on the run. In
the media, the Japanese have had to defend using deadly force against us, so
this time they just used water cannons. Which did nada against us.

The Nisshin Maru turns on its water cannons in anticipation of our next pass.

They’ve been spinning their use of flash grenades on us in the press, saying they just used “warning balls” and “noise balls” instead of grenades. I suppose it’s standard practice for marines to throw party favors. They have also been taking back their initial admission that they shot at us (“Oh, did we say we shot at you? We meant we didn’t shoot anything and that your captain must have shot himself”). But we have their military commander on tape radioing us saying they were using flash grenades on us, so we caught them in another lie, heh heh.

And remember that vegan salad dressing we threw at the Nisshin Maru? They started freaking out in the press, with headlines like “Terrorists throw unidentified white liquid chemical! Is it a biological weapon?!” Chortle.

A few people on this ship do this pirating full time, but a lot of the crew are just transient volunteers. I seem to be the only officer on the ship with absolutely zero ship experience; I pointed to a chart and called it a map, and was slightly chastised for it. However, they say I’ve been doing a good job so I’m welcome to come do this again, so if the whalers come back here again next year, I’ll definitely want to come back as well. And if you thought I was a hippie activist, you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve met the crew. Many have been arrested for activism causes, and they’re involved in a lot of activities like disrupting fox hunts in England. Which I naturally wanna try too.

The first officer thinks I’m going to mutiny to take charge to rename the ship the Enterprise or something, so he’s vowed to murder me in my sleep.

Me taking over the wheel when the first officer’s not looking.



  1. Comment by

    Roseann Marulli

    on #

    Glad to see you’re going down in infamy not only here but on Animal Planet, Tod! Check it: Whale Wars

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    on #

    for some reason im reminded of pirates of dark water you dudes are awesome