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Bob Barker: Animal Ally Retires From TV

“One of the most rewarding things of my entire life to see the huge difference we’ve made in the protection of animals and the treatment of animals.”

Bob Barker is an icon. His stellar 50 year television career, 35 of which were on The Price Is Right, and dedication against animal injustice is what legends are made of. In addition to hosting the highest rated and longest running game show in TV history, Barker has refused commercial work for sponsors, lucrative offers to use his name and likeness in print advertising and declined hosting profitable pageants whenever animal exploitation was involved. Barker stopped coloring his hair in 1987 to protest how animals are used to make the products. At the end of every show, he encouraged viewers to have their pets spayed or neutered.

When asked how he keeps going strong, the 83-year-old luminary says, “If there’s a secret for health and energy, it lies in exercise and nutrition. I’m a vegetarian. I think there’s a strong possibility, had I not become a vegetarian, I would not be working now. I became a vegetarian about 25 years ago, and I did it out of concern for animals. But I immediately began having more energy and feeling better.” His 6,586th episode is scheduled to air twice June 15: once at its usual time and again that evening. Bob, thank you for the valuable work you’ve done for animals and congratulations on your unparalleled success!


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    Barker’s given a fair amount of his own money to law schools with animal law programs. It’s called the Bob Barker Endowment for the Study of Animal Law.

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    too bad he doesn’t give a damn about women’s rights:

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    Why yes he is a sexist pig. But he is a good advocate for animals. So what are you gonna do?