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Bodhrans Made From Greyhound Skin

Filed under: Animal Products Music
Bodhran player; dog.

Bodhran player; dog.

The UK Times reports that Custy’s Traditional Music Shop in Ireland is selling bodhrans made from greyhound skins, instead of more traditional ungulate hides.

Outrage and defensiveness are voiced from various parties, but the closest we get to examining the double-standard that drums made from goats are somehow better than drums made from dogs (or, as far as I’m concerned, humans) is from store manager John O’Connor:

I mean, where do you stop with diet and clothing choice? You’d have to ask how humanely can an animal be put down or is it humane to bring up an animal for slaughter? If we go down that road we’d all be living on grass.

There seems to be plenty of trade in synthetic bodhrans. Hopefully public distaste for canine hides, combined with the risk of contracting inhaled anthrax like Pascal Norris or Vado Diamande will help these synthetics become even more successful.


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    on #

    I’m Vegan, but I play a bodhran with real goat skin. The way I see it: The goat’s gonna die anyway, and the alternative is crap plastic. They didn’t have the option of petrol-resin back in the day to make synthetic skins, and I like things the “old-fashioned way.”

    And by the way, you cannot compare humans to dogs. Humans are capable of abstract thought. No other animal can do what humans can do. There is no double standard: Humans ARE better than dogs and goats. (Of course a dog is no different from a goat in this sense, but goat skin is more traditional and probably sounds better and endures better.)

    I am not vegan because I don’t like to kill… I am vegan because I find eating animals of flesh and blood (like humans) disgusting. Life continues on this planet because of death. Nothing is made alive but through death. Think of the plants you eat… You suck the life out of them so you can continue to live. It’s how the world works.

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Adam, by your logic, you may as well be eating hamburgers–the cow’s gonna die anyway. Might as well go rape and pillage the neighbors while you’re at it, since you like things the “old-fashioned way.”

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Adam, your words truly don’t make sense… If I think someone is WORSE than me, I don’t kill him anyway. And in any case, who gives you the right to judge who is better and who is worse and to condemn someone on the base of such subjective judgement? One could claim that if the so called “abstract thought” of man has lead humanity to destroy its own planet, perhaps such a faculty is not an index of superiority. Actually, in my opinion, animals are BETTER than the human beings who use their abstract thought the way you do. But I won’t kill you for this.