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BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin Goes Vegan

Xeni in

Xeni in “totally faux fur!”

Last week blogger Xeni Jardin decided to give veganism a try. “So far I feel great, and it’s a lot easier than I thought” she says. Her inspirations were “Joi Ito’s blog entries about his own vegan bodyhacking experiment” and a recent Rolling Stone article about the egregious pollution and lawlessness of industrial hog farmers Smithfield Farms.

Hopefully Xeni sticks with her new choice, but her tone makes me think this might be fleeting. Even though she’s clearly disturbed by factory farming, Xeni says she doesn’t want to be “one of those annoying vegangelicals who tries to convert everyone to tempeh.”

Either way, there’s been a resounding response from both veg and omni BoingBoing readers. And even if it’s just temporary, who doesn’t love a little more “vegan hot” in the blogosphere?

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    RE: Rolling Stone… did you notice how much of the article glorified their dominance and profitability? Read it just the non-pollution related paragraphs and you’ll see its company propaganda planted this story as a way to communicate Smithfield’s dominance & profitability. Visit here to be enlightened:

    or see the other related articles at

    See you on the veranda!