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Book Review: Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide

The regular SuperVegan staff are a relatively un-pregnant bunch, so we asked the recently pregnant and now new mom Amy Rae Richardson to review this book for us.

I wish Sayward Rebhal‘s Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide (published by Herbivore) had come out like 7 months earlier than it did, so I could have saved myself ridiculous amounts of time Googling, stressing myself out, and questioning everything I ate while pregnant.

This book is everything you need to know about how to take care of your body while baking a little bun. There’s endless information about vital nutrients, supplements and general dietary concerns that typically make a vegan pregnancy harrowing. Everything from what to eat and what to take before you’re pregnant, the down-low on iron levels, DHA and B12 during pregnancy, to what you can eat postpartum to keep your spirits high and increase milk supply. She also covers the what-to-do when suffering from some of the most miserable (and sexy) pregnancy side effects like gas, bloating, heartburn, swelling and hemorrhoids.

Sayward seriously did her homework writing this book. She arms you with all the facts and resources that will ease the tension of explaining a vegan lifestyle to a health provider during pregnancy. There’s also a nice fat section in this book on how to combat all the snarky questions comments you are definitely going to hear during a vegan pregnancy, and on the issue of raising a child in a cruelty-free home. Being confident in a vegan pregnancy (and raising a vegan baby!) during a time when you’re already overwhelmed, tired and confused is really difficult–I think this book is an absolute must-have!

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