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Brighter Future Alert Part II: V-Note To Open in September

The other day I went all Pointer Sisters about Blossom’s new venture Blossom Du Jour. Today, I’m David at the dentist because I’m getting woozy from all the good New York City vegan news. Word on the street: Blossom co-owner Ronen Seri is opening V-Note, an organic wine bar and vegan bistro on September 10th. Here’s the juicy vegan details:

V-Note will offer an elaborate organic vegan menu featuring tapas, organic wine and beer. The restaurant will seat 45 guests with both window and bar seating. It will be open for lunch, dinner and offer a late night menu. It will be open until midnight and offer delivery.

Late night vegan dining in a tranquil, warmly lit lounge-y setting? Count me in. Some of the deliciousness that will be offered on the Tapas menu: Seitan Empanadas, Filo Pastry Triangles with pesto mushroom filling, grilled “cheese” triangles and Roasted Potatoes with warm mustard sauce. Count me in!

V-Note will be located at 1522 First Avenue between 79th and 80th street.


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    Yikes. Why is there an ad for Baconnaise on your main page?

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    Jason Das

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    M, that would have been an automatically served ad from Google. Their robots usually do OK, but sometimes they screw up. If you ever see a non-vegan ad on the site, please copy the link points to and send it to us at Thanks!

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    Your blog is such a lovely place to be! It makes me even more excited about eventually moving back to my hometown of Montreal so that I can plan little trips to New York!

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    I just checked out their sample, online menu & it looks
    1) very similar to the menus at their other restaurants
    2) more expensive

    Not what I expected from a bistro, but I’ll wait & see to check it out.

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    My fiance and I live right around the corner and were thrilled to find out that a new vegan restaurant was opening on the UES. We absolutely adore Candle 79 and were looking forward to another good restaurant. V-Note was awful. Awful. The decor is beautiful, they offer wine by the glass, carafe, or bottle and our waiter had a smart mustache and that’s where the buck stopped. Here’s what we ordered:

    Lumpia-too large fried pieces that made me question why it was called lumpia. Curry potatoes, my ass. Largely tasteless.
    Wilted Spinach Salad-The soy bacon was dust on the top of the salad, the roasted corn was absent, the cashews and mushrooms inconsequential and there were strange small cubes of tempeh. My cat can make a better balsamic vinaigrette. The flavors lacked any pizzaz.

    Seitan Scaloppini-Sereved on a huge plate with super watery white wine sauce (would have been better in a shallow bowl), the seitan was dry as hell and difficult to cut. The edges were like jerky. The mashed potatoes were lumpy and soon dissolved and dispersed into the watery white wine sauce, the sauteed spinach consisted of maybe 5 huge leaves. The whole dish was dumb.

    Ravioli With Cashew Cream-The supposed house-made ravioli was thick and rubbery. Eww. The filling was tasteless, small and uninspiring. The presentation was sloppy. It looked as if they had drained the pasta, dumped it on the plate and poured the supposed cashew cream sauce (it tasted more like Bertoli Alfredo from the jar) all over the top. The thick pasta was stuck together in a clump. Boo, I say.

    Quinoa-What’s up quinoa mixed with taco seasoning and dumped on a plate? Oh, you’re also $6. Awwwesome.

    We did not stay for dessert. The table next to us sent their entrees back. All the other reviews I have read have been great, so I don’t know if it was a bad night or if the chef has his head up his ass. At any rate, we probably will spend our $100 at Candle 79 or at some other worthy establishments.