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Brooks Leather-Free “Cambium” Bicycle Saddle Released

Filed under: Shopping

Brooks saddles are a big deal in cycling. For many people, you’re not serious unless you have a Brooks. They’re legendary for their long-lasting quality and performance. And, well, for being legendary; it’s that kind of brand.


For the past 131 years, all Brooks saddles have been made of leather, and thus irrelevant to vegans, except as objects scorn or guilty envy. No longer! The Brooks Cambium saddle is available for preorder. They’re nearly “all natural”–made mostly of rubber, organic cotton, aluminum, and steel, and the parts are all replaceable or repairable. At £145 (about $225), they’re not cheap, but plenty of Brooks leather saddles cost just as much. And they’ll presumably last longer than you or the rest of your bicycle.

If you want to try one, but aren’t ready to buy one, it looks like they are still registering testers, as they add new models to the Cambium line.

If you like limited editions, note that there’s an “initial limited run of 500 pieces. Each saddle has its number etched to the nose rivet. There are a further 500 in this series (numbered #501 to #1000) which will be made available as soon as the first 500 are gone. And when all one thousand pieces have found homes, the C17 will go on general sale.”

It could take a while to actually get your hands (or, should I say, your scranus or vulvanus) on one. As the Brooks shop says, “beware that it could take up to 3 months before you get your CAMBIUM Saddle. Only 300 Gents and 100 Ladies CAMBIUM Saddles will be delivered within the end of July, the rest are going to be produced and dispatched in September after our dear workers return from their summer holidays.” Yeah, they’re made in England by people with vacation benefits and all that good stuff.

This is a really commendable step for Brooks, and a huge improvement over their “eco-friendly” organic leather saddles from a couple years back (each “marked in such a way that we can identify the exact cow from where the leather came” *shudder*).

Let us know if you’ve tried a Cambium, or if you’re planning to buy one!


  1. Comment by

    Matt Ruscigno

    on #

    YES. I never thought I would see this day.

  2. Comment by


    on #

    everything should be cruelty free, only stupid people take part in animal cruelty, why should a person think they are to take part in abuse and murder just to have something to sit on.

    Now, can you make it cruelty free for humans? like an ergonomic saddle designed to protect the perineum?