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Burger King Transitioning to “Happy Meat”

Burger King will soon be joining Wolfgang Puck on the happy meat bandwagon. BK, which is the world’s second-largest burger chain, will be slowly (and I mean slowly) decreasing the amount of eggs it purchases from caged hens (by 2%) and the amount of pork it purchases from operations that crate their pigs (by 10%). This shift in policy on animals also includes buying chickens from suppliers that use “controlled-atmospheric stunning” instead of electric shocks to knock out birds before killing them.

The Humane Society of the United States says BK has “sent shock waves through animal agribusiness,” and PETA has called this development a “victory,” but a visit to the over 360 posts on the Reader’s Comments page at the New York Times shows that not everyone is as convinced that BK’s decision means good things for farm animals. Contrary to the Times’ own editorial page, BK’s decision, like Puck’s doesn’t mean that American’s “can eat well and do right all at the same time.”

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  1. Comment by

    Mike Grieco

    on #

    Berger King has now included (BS) in their menu,they say they will now start to support better(it is still not Humane) to bring Animals in this world TO DESTROY them for the Human diet!(DIE-IT)or(KILL-IT)? The Public must not be fed this (BS) I mean (PR)!…REAL KINGS RESPECT ALL LIFE …PEACE& HEALTH to all LIFE, -Mike Grieco