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Bye-bye, First Amendment: AETA Passes Senate, Moves to House

It was bad enough when the SHAC defendants were sentenced. But the Senate has actually managed to pass the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Despite protests from groups like the ACLU, the bill is on its way to the House of Representatives, and in November, it could become law.

This article poses an interesting question: With the government stripping us of legal ways to register our discontent and affect change, will activists be forced to take more extreme and direct actions?

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    It was not the article that posed that question, but a self-appointed spokesperson for the militant animal welfare movement. Animal rights activists have to stop letting those people speak for us. That contention is absurd, and it sounds like something designed to get more activists in trouble.

    If activists actually care about their civil liberties, then those who are able to risk arrest (which is a small number of very privileged people) should engage in non-militant, legal conduct and be prepared to fight for their rights. No activist who is using her own head would forgo legal actions in favor of clearly criminal ones because of things like the AETA or the SHAC7.

    That article was also a great example of the futility of militant welfarism to advance the concept of animal rights. There was nothing mentioned about animal rights in that article. Even worse, HSUS is quoted as saying we don’t want animal experiments to be illegal tomorrow. Militant welfarists and bureaucratic welfarists go hand-in-hand — both focusing on the worst “abuses” and eliminating immediate suffering.