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Cafe Blossom Opens, Another Vegan Park Slope Restaurant?, and more!

Blossom's uber yummy South Asian Lumpia will also be at Cafe Blossom

Blossom’s uber yummy South Asian Lumpia will also be at Cafe Blossom

Cafe Blossom opened this past weekend! As previously reported, the new Upper West Side vegan restaurant will serve “a wide assortment of gourmet cooked and raw cuisine” including several favorites from its sister restaurant, Blossom in Chelsea. It has indoor and outdoor sidewalk seating, so make sure to stop by and enjoy a meal outdoors before the weather gets too cold!

Matthew Kenney, a former co-owner of Pure Food & Wine and co-owner of the failed and short-lived Heirloom and Blue/Green restaurants, opened FreeFoods in Midtown at 18 West 45th Street between Fifth and Sixth. The take-out only shop features organic and seasonal sandwiches, salads, soups, and baked goods with a good number of vegan offerings that should make it a welcome addition to the Midtown grub rush.

The lovely Louise Crawford of OTBKB tips us that a vegan restaurant was looking into the spot of Seventh Avenue Books located on (you guessed it) 7th Ave between 3rd and 2nd Streets in Park Slope. Unfortunately, the deal fell through. No, no, no, don’t worry, it wasn’t ‘sNice. The Brooklyn offshoot of the much-beloved cafe will be opening in December on 5th Ave and 3rd Street according to our latest sources.

Former Angelica Kitchen chef and author of The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen Peter Berley will be opening Broadway East on the border of Chinatown this month at 171 East Broadway off Rutgers Street. The restaurant will play to the perennial asshole’s latest cookbook (The Flexitarian Table) and will emphasize vegetables but will not be vegetarian.


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    Re: Berley – at least the hideously anti-veg Time Out printed a letter slamming him after that article. I was kind of amazed. (does anyone else think it’s written in their editorial policy to insult vegetarianism at least once every issue?)

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    Gossip: The vegetarian restaurants that feel through was snice. They then found the better location on 5th ave.
    Peter Berley really does suck. I am so happy that my book is beating his, even with all his bullshit pimping. I hope his restaurant closes quickly. I love lagusta’s stories, I hadn’t seen those.

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    When are they going to open in the Financial District? Don’t they realize it is a big market?

    Please more organic/ raw food restaurants, cafes and markets in the Financial District Area.

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    FreeFoods is not vegetarian…

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    Laura Leslie

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    aliceruth–you’re correct, FreeFoods is not vegetarian, but we included it because it does have a number of good vegan options (in an area of town where there aren’t many).

    We color code restaurants in our guide by how vegan they are. When you do a search, you can choose whether or not to include the non-veg restaurants in the results.

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    Does anyone know what’s vegan at FreeFoods? Their menu doesn’t specify.

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    I know the pastry chef at the new Cafe Blossom and she rules, a lot. She used to work at Candle 79.

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    Patrick Kwan

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    Hi ivyviolet – FreeFoods have vegan options like tofu for salads, almond and soy milk for smoothies and coffees, and there are vegan options with their daily specials market plates. I spoke with the PR person for FreeFoods yesterday and asked if they would consider labeling items to be vegan to make it easier for vegan diners. He said a new menu is coming up in October. So, when you stop by FreeFoods, make sure to ask them to label vegan items just like Whole Foods!