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Caffe Vivaldi, Gloria Indeed

Filed under: Restaurants
Caffe Vivaldi

Caffe Vivaldi: Espresso con dolce

One of my infrequent, but lovingly (mis)remembered haunts when I was a student at New York University was Caffe Vivaldi, a charming, old-world cafe tucked in a quiet corner of the West Village, with (I recall) an open fire and hot apple cider, and some comfy chairs so deep that you had to come up for air when you sat down in them.

I always thought of Caffe Vivaldi as a place you’d go if you wanted to partake of dairy-filled Viennese, or more aptly, Venetian, delights. Well, fear no more, vegans. I was planning a meeting with a friend, and thought I’d check out whether Caffe Vivaldi was still there, and (Gloria in excelsis deo!) not only is it still in business, but trumpeted on its website is “Vegan Dishes on our menu.”

So this primavera I’m going to trip along to Caffe Vivaldi and try their fare. And I’ll let you know if it’s good enough for all four seasons.

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