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Calling all collectors of slaughterhouse imagery

Filed under: Books Farmed Animals
Slaughterhouse Smith encourages you to send J.T. Yost photos of slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouse Smith encourages you to send J.T. Yost photos of slaughterhouses.

Do you collect graphic images of slaughterhouses and farmed animal carcasses? If so, you could help illustrator J.T. Yost by digging out those photos from the box buried in your backyard and e-mailing them his way. Yost is creating a graphic novel adaptation of Gail Eisnitz’s book Slaughterhouse, which explores the realities of the American factory farming industry and the (un)surprisingly poor dispersion of correct and comprehensive information about industry practices to the public.

Yost is looking for photos of anything to do with slaughterhouses, including (but not limited to!) images of employees at work, animal being processed, and the interior and exterior of a slaughterhouse’s architecture. He’s also looking for models (fully clothed, he says). You can e-mail him at (And, hey, why not check out his funky pet portraits at


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    on #

    Wow, sounds like a really interesting project!

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    sounds really interesting!

  3. Comment by

    Bea Elliott

    on #

    Interesting concept… I’ve got several old Agricultural magazines from the 30’s – I’m very certain there’s some “hog killing time” photos and backyard chicken butchering. They all of course are quite disturbing. Good luck on your project.

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    on #

    Bea, if you do find any photos in those mags, please send ’em my way.
    Also, a shameless plug for my book of short comics coming out this spring: It’s called ‘Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales’ and has several vegan/animal welfare themed stories. To find out more, go to or If you’d like a review copy for your magazine or blog, hit me up!

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    Photos from slaughterhouse in Sweden (so maybe not right for this project) here: