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Canadian Seal Update: Celebrities, Costco, and cold, hard cash

Brigitte Bardot and friend

Brigitte Bardot and friend

Since the annual Canadian seal hunt began on March 25, approximately 28,049 young seals have been killed in the name of protecting the Canadian fishing industry. Despite the efforts of Morrissey, Pamela Anderson, Heather and Paul McCartney and other celebrities to use their fame to rally attention around the issue there are no signs of it ending soon. In fact, bulk retailer Costco has given in to the cries of the Canadian fishing industry…er I mean, “its customers”…and re-stocked its shelves with Canadian seal oil capsules.

In a world where money talks (and is used to justify killing baby animals), you’d think the recent offer of $16 million to end the hunt made by Cathy Kangas, founder and head of the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company PRAI Beauty, would be the monkey wrench seals need, but so far they’re not biting.

“The short answer is no. We’re not interested in the offer and would prefer she put the money in another worthwhile cause,” a spokesman for Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn told the AFP news agency.

While the money would replace some sealers’ incomes, it would not come to the overall value of the industry, he said.

Why can’t those Canadians just stick to maple syrup (PDF)?

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