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Cancer scientist leads double life as militant animal rights activist

Joseph Harris arrives at court

Joseph Harris arrives at court

26-year-old Joseph Harris, a British biologist researching pancreatic cancer at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, was given a three-year prison sentence for acts of sabotage against three companies linked to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). None of the companies were directly involved in testing, but supplied equipment to HLS.

Mr. Harris broke into the companies’ premises and destroyed equipment, slashed tires and glued locks. He also spray-painted animal rights slogans like “ALF” and the words “Now you will pay for your crimes” on walls and vehicles, causing more than ?25,000 of damage in total.

You can read all the details in The Guardian and The Times.

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    This is quite tragic. It’s a shame that the climate in the UK is what it is and that he took out his frustration in such a destructive rather than a constructive manner. This seems to be an example of someone who couldn’t take a stand in his personal life and so resorted to cowardly vandalism. Wouldn’t it have been better to develop a cure for pancreatic cancer without using animals? Or, if the laws do not currently allow that, to be a vocal person against animal testing from within the scientific community? Here was a passionate person in a real position to effect change regarding animal experimentation, and he threw it all away.