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  1. Here’s a bucketload of stories from the past month or two that I’d like to share with you. Sorry to be dumping so many at once. I would have preferred to share these with you one at a time as they were published, but life got in the way. But it’s still win-win; I get to clean out my browser tabs, and you get some good stories to read.

    Some of these are newsy, others are feature-y or opinion-y. Some of these stories are were breaking news, but others are notable for being traditionally under-reported animal-interest topics in mainstream venues.  Some are short; some are very, very long. I have not read them all in their entireties yet, but I endorse you checking them out anyway. We may have shared a few of these on Twitter, but most of them have gone totally unnoted by SuperVegan until now. I tried to sort them into rough categories, but some certainly blur the lines.


    Fake Meat


    • Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?” Inspired by the juxtaposition of reviews of Act of Killing and Blackfish, Nick Kristof  wonders “Some day, will our descendants be mystified by how good and decent people in the early 21st century — that’s us — could have been so oblivious to the unethical treatment of animals?” Kristof is one of the best New York Times columnists, and has a lot of journalistic experience with perpetrators of human-on-human violence; this coming from him is a rather big deal. (NYTimes, 7/28/13)
    • That same day, the Times’s Dot Earth blog ran “A Closer Look at ‘Nonhuman Personhood’ and Animal Welfare

    Companion and Farmed Animals


    6,500+ transcribed words likely to incite frustration and despair in the caring reader

  2. -Westwood, Los Angeles cat owners, keep your furry friend inside and alive!

    -The faces of The Facebook mounted a campaign to save a ‘Gay Dog‘ from being put down by a Tennessee kill shelter. Gawker covered the story and the dog was rescued! Yay!

    -Want to know your state’s animal-related laws and their penalties? The ASPCA has made it easy!

    -The European Union is set to ban animal testing for cosmetics forever!

    -Will 2013 be the year of ag-gag bills? Our old compatriot Susie Cagle thinks so.

    Arizona lawmaker seeks ban on awarding live animals as carnival prizes. And he’s a Republican!

    -“Going Vegan in the NFL” has zero mention of ethics. Do any of these guys care about the leather they’re fumbling?

    -Gross. Professional athletes are spraying deer antler velvet into their mouths to stimulate muscle growth. Ew, also.

    -Dust off those passports and book your tickets: the biggest vegan festival in the world is coming to London this October! 

    -Or, if you’re not up for international travels, here’s the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival lineup for 2013, and there’s more to come! How soon is March again?

  3. Thanks to Mercy for Animals’s undercover investigation, six Butterball employees are facing criminal charges, reports ABC News:

    Six workers at a Butterball turkey farm in North Carolina face criminal charges after an undercover video revealed alleged animal abuse, and a state employee who tipped off Butterball before a police raid on the farm has pled guilty to obstruction of justice.

    Three workers have been arrested, according to Hoke County officials. Terry Johnson has been charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals, Ruben Mendoza has been charged with animal cruelty and felony identity theft, and Jose Garcia has been charged with felony identity theft. Three other workers are being sought on animal cruelty charges.

    I strongly suggest you read the entire ABC News story for the full details.

    The arrests and the increase in public awareness of Butterball cruelty are huge steps in the right direction. But we still have two outstandingly awful things happening here: one, of course, is needless cruelty to turkeys, and the other is a state government-employed VETERINARIAN tipping off Butterball about a raid. I’m always flabbergasted by the INSANE hypocrisy of vets who, for example, love parrots but eat chickens. But enabling gratuitous stomping, beating, and otherwise torturing of birds at a factory that rips apart tens of millions of them each year? This person’s license to practice medicine on animals should be revoked and she should be jailed, but instead she’ll be required to take two ethics courses. Whose idea of ethics she’ll be learning about, I don’t know.

    This sort of thing reinforces for me in a painfully direct way how important it is to support organizations like MFA who do the very difficult work of confronting animal cruelty head-on every day while I’m sitting at a desk making books. If, like me, it nags at you that you’re not on the front lines, come with me to MFA’s site and make a donation, if you can. Organizations like this need contributions in the form of help AND money.

  4. Punk rock vegan wine.

    Punk rock vegan wine.

    Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit is a small, customer-friendly store just west of Union Square. They carefully choose their selection of affordable wines and provide as much information as possible—now listing which wines are vegan!

    “Bottlerocket customers frequently ask which of our wines are vegan, so we posted a list!” explains Stephanie Miller, their PR guru.

    Stephanie is a dear friend and I look to her for all things wine-related. She has trained as a taster and has worked in the vineyards and cellars of some of the premiere organic and biodynamic wine producers. When I want to know if something fishy (or eggy) has been used in a wine, she’ll know—or find out. So when she told me they investigated which wines at Bottlerocket were vegan, I was tickled.

    “It is a great opportunity for us to talk with our customers, offer a bit of wine education and continually get feedback about what is important to shoppers,” she says.

    None of the vegan wines sold at Bottlerocket have been processed or fined with animal products or produced with farming practices that specifically use animal products (such as biodynamic). One of their sources is the wonderful Barnivore website.
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