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Category Archive: Animal Rights

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  1. A real, live, full-time job with one of the most effective organizations in exposing cruelty to farmed animals? And the job is to tell people how great it is to be vegan and how animals are really super (in a far more educated-sounding way)? How wonderful. My favorite highlights about the job, swiped from MFA’s site, below. Check out the full job description and application instructions on MFA’s site.

    Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Develop and implement innovative regional and national outreach strategies to more effectively raise awareness about farmed animal welfare issues and veganism in the United States
    • Manage and train regional coordinators to conduct local grassroots outreach, including leafleting events, restaurant outreach, tabling events, film screenings and more
    • Develop MFA’s humane education presentations, maintain MFA’s humane education program, and train and assist staff in implementing the organization’s humane education program
    • Manage and assist MFA’s national campaign coordinator in planning and conducting events across the country geared toward attracting mainstream media attention to important farmed animal welfare issues and elevating MFA’s status as a national animal advocacy organization.
  2. I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    I love Jorja Fox, now more than ever.

    • One of my favorite people, Jenny Brown, is speaking at Jivamukti Café on Saturday, 11/12, from 7-9pm. In Peace Begins on Your Plate: Why Farm Animals Matter in Our Quest for Peace, the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary cofounder will talk about the way animals are raised for food and how we can be better advocates for our fellow critters.
    • O Canada! Why do you get your very own vegan patty from Subway but we don’t? All in good time, I guess.
    • Next Monday, 11/14, from 7-9pm, NY CLASS is hosting Happy Hour for the Horses at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. Join super SuperVegan Patrick Kwan to learn more about the campaign to put the horse-drawn carriages out of business. Drinks specials include the “Horseless Carriage Cocktail” for $3.50, and 2-for-1 beer, wine and well drinks, plus snacks courtesy of Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery. Check out these and other events on our NYC Events Calendar.
    • I don’t have any ink, but I have a lot of friends who’ll be happy to see there’s a new vegan tattoo balm out there.
    • Meatless Every Days is better, but Meatless Mondays is a good start. Share this video with the omnis in your life and get them moving in the right direction.
    • Jorja Fox stars in a new ad campaign for PETA, asking people to investigate how their food came to be. How cool is it that the actress’s veg epiphany happened in the greatest borough of all?
  3. Following our first Occupy Wall Street Veterinary Campaign, the developing needs of the animals accompanying the humans of Zuccotti Park became very clear.

    (Photo by Jen Ross)

    As the weather gets colder, and the streets become harsher, we discovered that dogs Occupying Wall Street were in immediate need of dog boots. Also, as the outdoors become less hospitable, fleas and parasites start to gravitate towards warm bodies, and we need to stop any potential foothold that fleas and internal worms may otherwise get in such cramped camping conditions.

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Darwin Animal Doctors will be at Occupy Wall Street again this Friday night, and we’ll need your help to serve the dogs everything they need! Details:

    Darwin Animal Doctors Occupy Wall Street Campaign Part 2
    When: Friday, November 4, 7:00pm setup, vet arrives at 7:30pm
    Where: Zuccotti Park, next to the Medical tent
    What to Bring: If you want to help, we have a continuing need for:
    – Dog boots
    – Flea/tick treatments
    – De-worming medicine
    – Vegan dog food
    – Dog blankets
    – Vaccines for dog issues like kennel cough.

    If you can bring them that day, that’s great. Otherwise, if you have these items, you can email tod at to coordinate a pickup or mailing.

    These animals deserve all the care we can give them, while they are in our domain!

    (Photo by Dayna R)

    Thanks everyone!