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Category Archive: Animal Testing & Vivisection

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under Animal Testing & Vivisection. XML

  1. When Andy Stepanian and Dara Lovitz gave a talk on SHAC7 and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) at NYU Law School on Tuesday, most of the audience came half-expecting to hear a legal seminar (Lovitz is the author of Muzzling a Movement). Almost no one expected to laugh or cry with inspiration before the talk ended, although almost everyone did. (We interviewed Andy before this event.)

    This was not a speech or a classroom teaching. Dara spoke so candidly about the absurdities of animal enterprise terrorism laws that even the law students had to start laughing with her. Andy spoke so painfully earnestly to everyone that few had dry eyes by the end of the talk. No one walked away depressed, though, as the duo were determined to show everyone exactly how much potential we all have to effect positive change, despite how much money and effort the animal enterprises dump into making us feel powerless and small.

    Dara, the lawyer, spoke first. And the takeaway of her talk wasn’t “the history and overview of AETA,” but rather just how impressively unconstitutional the AETA is, and how it managed to be drafted anyway. She explained very frankly how a series of unconscionably illegal laws culminating in AETA were pulled over everyone’s eyes through passionately written passages. Passages about how animal activists victimize dying people who can only get a cure through animal testing. Passages that literally say that we owe so much of our lives to the selfless people in charge of the factory farm industry. And she put us face to face with how so many of our senators and policymakers are CEO’s and beneficiaries of devastating animal enterprises.
    Continue Reading…

  2. Andy and buddy on the beach.

    Andy and buddy on the beach.

    Andy Stepanian is one of six activists known as the SHAC 7 who were convicted under the federal Animal Enterprise Protection Act for their involvement in the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign in the U.S. SHAC’s target was the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which uses roughly 70,000 animals per year for product-testing. The strategic campaign effectively threatened the financial stability of one of the world’s most profitable research laboratories, which brought it to the attention of the federal government. The FBI launched an intense investigation that landed six activists in federal court, accused of charges of conspiracy. As a result, more aggressive legislation specifically targeting animal activism, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, was passed in 2006 to safeguard animal enterprises in the future.

    While no living creature was harmed by their actions, the U.S. SHAC activists were sentenced to one to six years in federal prison. To date, all but one defendant have been released. Lauren Gazzola was released to a halfway house last Wednesday. Kevin Kjonaas remains incarcerated. Their case is currently under appeal.

    Andy was released a year ago and now works as a publicist. He will be giving a rare public talk about his personal experience this coming Tuesday at NYU, “Muzzling A Movement: Free Speech, Animal Protection and Terrorism Prosecutions,” with the author Dara Lovitz. Cat Clyne caught up with Andy at Atlas Cafe to check in on how he’s been doing and what he’s been up to.

    In a nutshell, what is next Tuesday’s talk about?
    Muzzling a Movement is a new book by Dara Lovitz coming out by Lantern Books in September. It covers the breadth of how laws have failed animals. On the prosecutorial end, laws are failing animals in the sense that animal welfare groups that are trying to prosecute animal abusers are facing increased opposition. Laws are also failing animals in the sense that new “designer” legislation is being passed to directly combat animal activism. Continue Reading…

  3. Donkeys don't have stripes. Via The New York Times.

    Donkeys don’t have stripes. Via The New York Times.

    • The Catalan parliament passed a vote to ban bullfighting by including bulls in an animal cruelty law that protects certain animals from any kind of torture. Yahoooo!
    • In other animals-are-not-for-entertainment wins, a charity claims to have freed the last dancing bear in India on Friday, December 18.
    • The Brooklyn Paper says Red Bamboo Brooklyn‘s eminent closing is a sign of dying cultural interest in vegetarianism, and notes that RB owner, Jason Wong, is no longer a vegetarian. (Did everyone know that? I didn’t know that.) Wong told The Brooklyn Paper, “The concern now is more about locally grown and less of a carbon footprint. Being a carnivore doesn’t mean you don’t care.” This is true. It could also mean you are ignorant. What’s your excuse, Jason Wong? And where is the hard, non-incidental evidence that vegetarianism is on the decline?
    • Pups can thrive on a vegetarian diet, a report published in the British Journal of Nutrition says. But you already knew that.
    • This is NOT a zebra. Prepare to be depressed.
    • New restaurant reviews on Peacefood Cafe, Cocoa V, Sacred Chow, and HanGawi. Leave your thoughts for posterity, people.
  4. If you haven’t watched Morgan Spurlock’s ingenious show 30 Days, at least watch this fantastic episode from June ’08, in which he plants a hunter in the gentle, competent hands of a family of vegan animal activists. It’s got EVERYTHING: Face-to-face interactions with rescued factory-farmed creatures? Check. PETA demos? Mmmmhmm. The insides of a dairy production facility? Yeah, they’ve somehow got that. Animal rescue in action? It’s all here. You gotta watch this. And send it to at least 50 of your closest friends. (Via VegWeb. Yay, internet revival of this.)

    And on the topic of vegan TV exposure, anyone else see Dr. Oz turn a cowboy vegan? Now THAT guy knows how to scare folks into a healthy diet.

  5. Avimorphism? (Photo via National Pigeon Day)

    Avimorphism? (Photo via National Pigeon Day)

    **Edit: Two late additions for Tuesday, June 16**

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    Now until June 14

    Saturday, June 13

      National Pigeon Day: Praise the pigeon at Central Park and all over the country. Our very own Patrick Kwan will be speaking.
      Central Park, Pilgrim Hill
      Get friendly with a neeeeighbor at A Horse of Course!, a walk and discussion with Kathy Stevens at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.
      $15, or $5 for members. Register in advance by calling Julie at (845) 336-8447.
      Woodstock FAS hosts its family-friendly Jamboree. Games, face-painting, animals, and food by Isa Moskowitz. That’s right–another chance to dose on Isa before she heads back to Oregon.
      $10. Register in advance at the website.

    Tuesday, June 15

      Protest against the netting and gassing to death of at least 2,000 NYC geese
      Port Authority Headquarters, 225 Park Ave. South

    Thursday, June 18

      Mercy for Animals celebrates the opening of its New York office with vegan appetizers and drinks at MooShoes. And wait, it gets better than vegan food and booze: MooShoes will be donating 10% of that day’s in-store and online sales to MFA, so you finally have a scale-tipping reason to get that pair of Simples.
      MooShoes, 78 Orchard St.

    Friday, June 19

      Join Mary and Peter Max for the kick-off party for the production of Standardized Testing. The film “follows PATH founder Kelly Overton…as he attempts to return his diplomas and get his tuition refunded in an effort to bring attention to the dangerous and wasteful biomedical research being done at the universities.” Food will be provided by 4 Course Vegan, BabyCakes NYC, Blackwell’s Organic Gelato, Candle Cafe, Frey Vineyards, The Power of Food, Tuthilltown Spirits, Vegan Treats Bakery, and others.
      The Max Studio
      37 W. 65th St., 7th floor
      $100 and up. Purchase tickets here.