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Category Archive: Animal Testing & Vivisection

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under Animal Testing & Vivisection. XML

    • Following up on previous reports, vegetarian Mumbai gentry continue to oppress meat eaters, kicking them out of housing and shopping malls, etc. It’s kind of hard to imagine this happening anywhere else!
    • There’s a new kid on the vegan shoe block. NOHARM shoes are handmade in Italy, and are aiming for the Stella McCartney end of the market with prices starting at $275 a pair. They make a lot of nice-looking men’s dress shoes, which is great, cause almost no one else does. But for all their talk of ethics and eco-friendly packaging, NOHARMS still seem to be made of evil PVC, just like your kicks from Payless
    • A new scientific study reveals that multiple stab wounds may be harmful to monkeys. As with everything tested on animals, the same thing is certainly true for humans, so be careful with the kitchen knife when prepping that Puppy Beef or Kitty Beef for dinner. (Hat tip to The PETA Files.)
    • Today’s NY Times “Dining & Wine” section has a big “happy meat” article that gives a nice bit of ink to Gene Baur and the good folks at the Farm Sanctuary but also indulges crap like this:
      “From the chef’s perspective it comes down to, ‘Yeah, the steak looks good but why is it not performing?’ ” Mr. Perry Lang said. “It’s because of how the animal was raised and handled. That’s not animal rights, but it is animal welfare.”

  1. Dr. Benjamin Spock, humanitarian.

    Dr. Benjamin Spock, humanitarian.

  2. Retired research victim Lulu now lives at Black Beauty Ranch.

    Retired research victim Lulu now lives at Black Beauty Ranch.

    Today we can be marginally less appalled by where our tax dollars are going: The US National Institutes of Health has extended their 1995 moratorium on chimpanzee breeding into a permanent ban, citing financial reasons. This doesn’t mean freedom for the some 500 government-owned chimps currently in labs, but the Humane Society and Project R&R are claiming victory.

    Of course, this is the US government we’re talking about, so maybe they’ve just decided to privatize all the chimp breeding, or commission extra atrocities in foreign labs. And as Friends of Animals will insistently remind you, the government’s chimp retirement program is perhaps not all its cracked up to be. But still, it’s a small step in the right direction.

  3. It’s a widely held belief that every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten. As we vegans conscientiously muddle our way through National Masturbation Month, it seems worth investigating if there’s any truth to this maxim.

    The most complete study to date uses fairly conservative metrics and measures the deaths of American kittens (any gender, up to one year old) agaist the masturbation habits of American human males. Doing the math, it’s determined that there are well over 5000 acts of masturbation for each kitten death:

    “The average American man can masturbate regularly for 22.5 years before he is responsible for the death of a single kitten. Indeed, with a life expectancy of less than 75 years, the average man will be responsible for only two or three kitten deaths in a lifetime of vigorous masturbation.”

    So have fun at your Masturbate-a-thons, but do spare a thought for the kittens. (All these links are work-safe, believe it or not.)

  4. No, I don't have his number. But I have Jon Olsen's and Stephanie Bain's - vote for them in PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Contest!

    No, I don’t have his number. But I have Jon Olsen’s and Stephanie Bain’s – vote for them in PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Contest!

    There’s a new vegan restaurant in town, and it’s in my neighborhood of Cobble Hill! Located on 231 Court Street, off Warren, Jill’s opened on Monday with a limited menu and will have their expanded menu ready by this weekend. The restaurant is of the organic & healthy persuasion and features “a fusion of raw & kindly cooked food.” Some items currently on their limited menu include: swiss chard wrap with spicy tamarind dressing, mixed greens with shredded fennel and grapefruit, asparagus and shitake mushroom barley risotto, and strawberry tiramisu. A tasting menu priced at $35 per person is available through the weekend. Jill’s joins The Green’s in my adorable Downtown Brooklyn area. (Cafe Kai was recently closed by the Department of Health, no word yet on whether it will reopen.)

    Alongside their other oh-so-fashionable faux vintage t-shirts, Urban Outfitters has debuted an awesome one featuring PETA and its old-school “Cut Class, Not Frogs” anti-dissection slogan. Coming this Fall, Urban Outfitters will also be carrying a line from fur-free designer Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame.

    All NYC Whole Foods Markets now close at 11pm! A step in the right direction, but being that we’re in the city that never sleeps and all, I think we still need at least one of the Whole Foods to be open 24/7. I vote for the Union Square one!

    Just in time for the summer, Buddha Bodai in Chinatown now carries Klein’s vegan ice cream! Another addition to their dessert menu is their very own vegan cheesecake.