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  1. Hold on to your tofu blocks my friends, the fine folks over at Nasoya like us! They like you! And in a More Than Words Meets Weird Al (aka SuperVegan #1!) moment, they have given us some Vegan Treasure to give away to one of you lucky readers.


    The Treasure Map: A copy of Spork-Fed, a new cookbook by Wonder Twin SuperVegan Powers Jenny Engel & Heather Goldberg. These ladies have been plundering the LA scene for awhile, teaching cooking classes, catering things I’m not invited to, and cultivating a garden of celebrity fans (e.g. aforementioned Weird Al). And, not to peer pressure you or anything, but 58 out of 63 reviewers on Amazon gave it ***** out of *****.

    The Eye Patch/Ruffled Shirt: A pair of Nasoya sweat shorts with the words EXTRA FIRM on the tush so you can show all those Juicy people who’s what at the Crunch, Equinox, or Y. Please don’t wear these outside otherwise, K? Thanks.

    The Cure To Scurvy: Five, that’s 1,2,3,4,5 coupons for a FREE Nasoya item. Any item! You want some tofu? FREE. You want a jar of Nayonaise? $0. You want some Super Hummus? Gratis! You can keep all five for yourself or you can make your friends do things for ’em, s’up to you.

    Life is already hard, so instead of making you actually do something to earn this loot, all it takes to enter is a few clicks on the screen you’re already reading this on. Just show us how you feel by following us on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram (@wearesupervegan) and then (re)tweet at us, “like” something, or heart a pic! If you’re already doing so, you’re already entered to win! We will randomly choose our winner on June 8th. EASY, right? We love you, too.

  2. Rasta Nectar Sandals: I want these!

    Rasta Nectar Sandals: I want these!

    I’ll start by disclosing that I’ve worked at Sustainable NYC for years, but that’s all the more reason I’m glad the green boutique has stepped up its vegan shoe game. It was kind of a bummer to have a generous employee discount but only a few measly pairs to choose from.

    Finally, entirely animal-friendly shoes outnumber those with leather soles or accents. I visited this morning and counted 20 pairs of vegan sneakers, sandals, flip flops, and dress shoes crammed in the small shops’ shoe department. The new brands include Earth, Saucony, NeuAura, Novacas, Olsen Haus, Sanuk, and Feelz Goods priced from $25 to $156.

    My favorite pair in stock is the olive green Sanuk Rasta Nectar flat sandals ($47). I love the coconut button accents! I also thought the flip flops made from recycled yoga mats (women, $32) and beer cozies (men, $38) were novel.

    Psst! I scoped a few pairs of older sandals from Acorn and Simple tucked in a corner and discounted 25%. Sizes are very limited though.

  3. Last year I had the privilege of organizing what turned out to be a pretty amazing event to raise funds for HEART, a humane education organization that teaches kids about human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics. We raised over $700 by holding a large scale charity clothing swap and vegan bake sale. This year, I’m doing it again, and I’m writing this guest post here to invite all you super vegans to come and join in what should be another fantastic event!

    On Saturday, April 21st at Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish from 11am – 2pm, eco-conscious fashionistas from around the city will come together to get their swap on.

    How does it work? It’s easy. Go through your closets and grab all the stuff that no longer fits or that you just don’t wear. Bring it to the swap. Give it to the volunteers who will be putting things out on racks and tables (according to size and style), and then go look through all the amazing items others have contributed. You get to take as many items home as you brought to swap. I think our record holder last year was a woman who brought in 67 items and left with 67 items.

    My favorite part about having a clothing swap fundraiser is that, while raising funds is important, the event itself helps to better the world. It promotes reusing instead of buying new. It helps bring together a community of caring (and fashion loving) people. Also, all the leftover items go to the local homeless and in-need population. Then, with a vegan bake sale to promote animal-free delicious food, we’ve made an impact for everyone. People, animals and the planet. Just like HEART.

    If you buy your ticket in advance, you’ll save a few bucks and pay $12. Show up at the door and pay $15. If you’re a student, you can get in for $10. We wanted to make it affordable so everyone can participate, but also make it a great fundraiser so our impact goes beyond what’s accomplished at the swap.

    And to further tempt you, at the vegan bake sale we’ll have thin mints, cookie dough truffles, cupcakes and so much more.

    Check out the flier for all the details. We had a great turn out from SV folks last year. I hope to see many of you (and new faces!) again. You know with sponsors like Ecorazzi, Girlie Girl Army and Vaute Couture that it’s going to be a good time. The more people who come, the better it will be.

    Still need convincing? Check out this one girl’s experience at last years swap.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment on the post and I’ll get you an answer. Hope to see you there!

  4. image courtesy of Vaute Couture

    image courtesy of Vaute Couture

    Vaute Couture, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart’s all vegan, all locally made coat line, will open its first store at 234 Grand Street in Williamsburg on Sunday, March 4 (that’s just ten days away — February is short!) with a sample sale and a preview of the spring collection. This is exciting because those coats are expensive. (And so is making them!) So coats from previous collections are up to 70 percent off for six hours starting at noon on Sunday, during which we will wreck each other while we grab for coats like there’s a sale at Kleinfeld’s and it’s all our weddings.

    And! Leanne told me in an email that VC is “also launching a spring collection of printed dresses, overalls, and jumpers, out soon made of organic cotton, recycled materials, and hemp denim.” I LOVE OVERALLS. This is my secret shame, actually. I hope no one who respects me is reading this. Also, dresses. Leanne’s coats are so gorgeous, form-fitting, and well-made. I’m absolutely thrilled to know she’s bringing her sensibility to clothing.

    As for the store: “Nearly everything in the store is created of salvaged materials, like our photobooth made from decades-old doors from BuildItGreen, a mantle from Lady Gaga’s Barney’s Exhibit that became our cash wrap, a hand-etched Starry Lightbox for a dressing room, and all our mannequins from Abercrombie & Fitch,” Leanne said. “Even the paint is leftover, used gallons.” Beautiful clothing and an eco-conscious store to boot!

    If you can’t make it Sunday (there will be free sweets! and hugs, Leanne says!), visit later; the store will obviously be open forever because it’s going to be fantastic. LEANNE CAN DO NO WRONG. What? I’m serious.

    Vaute Couture Grand Opening
    Sunday, March 4, 12 p.m.
    234 Grand Street, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, G to Lorimer)

  5. Vegan Shop-Up

    Happy, attractive people flock to the Vegan Shop-Up! (Photo courtesy of

    We’re excitedly counting down the days until we can shop with abandon at the February 12th Vegan Shop-Up at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn! To take our minds off how to balance being in our favorite bar in such close proximity to sweets, savories, wearables, washables and other assorted odds and ends, we sent Sarah Peltier, the founder of Vegan Shop-Up, our ten most pressing questions! In turn, Sarah sent us her ten best answers! Feel free to read out loud to your loved one(s).

    Deborah Diamant: You’re a year old! How does a vegan pop-up shop celebrate this achievement?
    Sarah Peltier: We plan to celebrate our first birthday with lots of freebies for everyone! Some of the best vegan-friendly companies around have donated treats: VegNews, Babycakes, Terri, MooShoes, Foodswings, and Babeland.

    DD: Why do you think pop-up shops have gotten so popular the last year or so?
    SP: They’re the perfect low-risk venue for companies without a regular location to reach the public. They’re an enticing shopping experience and a great way for smaller businesses to get noticed.

    DD: How many vendors were at your first shop-up, and how many do you expect this weekend?
    SP: We had a whopping five vendors at the very first Shop-Up last February, and now we are at 32! It grows more and more each time around.
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