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Category Archive: April Fools

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under April Fools. XML

  1. This is an April Fools post. We flipped the whole site upside down to celebrate, but now it’s right-side-up again. Except for this post, which we’re leaving upside-down.

    We’re having some trouble with our site layout today. We’ve contacted our ISP to see if they know what might have changed and why, but meanwhile we’re pulling out our hair trying to track down the root of the problem. If anyone can help point us in the right direction, please leave a comment! Thanks from Team SuperVegan.

  2. Veganism is Serious Business

    SuperVegan’s new slogan

    This is an April Fools post. It isn’t true.

    Today, SuperVegan blogger “Brownbird” Rudy “Relic” posted an excerpt from SuperVegan’s upcoming interview in Time Out New York. In it, Rudy complains about the “animal rights BS” that pervades the vegan community. We want to assure our readers that this interview was done without SuperVegan’s knowledge or permission, and that we don’t approve of anything contained within it. (Also, we know that honey isn’t vegan.)

    We’ve read your angry emails and comments, and we want you to know that we understand and agree. To that end, we are using this post to publicly announce that “Brownbird” Rudy “Relic” will no longer be writing for SuperVegan. We are simply fed up with his incessantly frivolous blog posts, not to mention his obscenely unhealthy artery-clogging recipes. And we’re pretty sure that whatever gunk he puts in his hair can’t be vegan.

    Furthermore, we recognize that Rudy isn’t the only culprit, and that this culture of frivolity has degraded SuperVegan for years. Therefore, within the coming weeks, we will be conducting training sessions with the rest of our staff, under the leadership of noted activist Bevin Cass-Campbell. Hopefully most of our bloggers can adapt, but we won’t rule out replacing them with writers who focus on serious issues. Veganism isn’t supposed to be fun. Animals are fucking dying out there and humor has no place in helping us cope with that.

    Continue Reading…

  3. This is an April Fools post. It isn’t true.

    Oxygen Network sexpert Sue Johanson has been served with a lawsuit from the American Meat Institute for what the industry group calls “unsubstantiated claims based on limited or anecdotal evidence.”

    In a segment of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson called Hard to Swallow (watch video above), the octogenarian sex educator tells a caller to tell her husband to “give up meat” to help improve the taste of his semen. Johanson goes on to say, “vegetarians, vegans who only eat fruits and vegetables…their ejaculate is sweet and nut-like, whereas males who eat meat, their ejaculate tastes bitter, like burnt leather.”

    Though the lovable, sex-advice dishing grandma has retired, the American Meat Institute’s public affairs manager, Tonya Allen (who ironically also serves as the “chief media contact and spokesperson for AMI’s National Hot Dog and Sausage Council”) says they are seeking an unspecified sum for punitive damages for “irreparable harm to meat’s image” and “an immediate cease and desist judgement” to end reruns of the show and the online availability of the clip.

    PETA vice president Dan Mathews vows to defend Johanson. “This is the same sort of frivolous lawsuit that the meat industry has slapped on Oprah and others before to stifle free speech,” says Mathews. “We’re calling on vegan men to volunteer to take part in a blind, scientific taste test study to back up Sue Jo.”

  4. This is an April Fools post. It isn’t true.

    Editor’s Update: Clearly Rudy made some very inappropriate statements in his interview with Time Out. We are leaving the post up in the interest of transparency, but please note that we have fired “Brownbird” Rudy “Relic” and will be making other changes to address such inappropriate anti-vegan behavior at SuperVegan.

    New York City is a bastion of imagination; a city that literally thrives on creativity. SuperVegan is lucky to be a part of that dichotomy. Next week’s Time Out New York will spotlight the blogs that make NYC special and we’re fortunate to be included!

    Here’s a sneak peek at our interview!

    What Makes SuperVegan super?

    That we are a not just a blog, but a community too, plus we have the best New York City restaurant guide in the world. Our content is lively and fun. We try to stay away from all of the animal rights BS out there and try to focus on the enjoyable things about being a vegan in NYC. We leave all the crazy protest-type stuff to the militant goose-steppers – that’s not us.

    What’s the biggest misconception about Veganism?

    That honey is not vegan. There’s plenty of debate out there for and against it; thankfully the general consensus is that honey is vegan. We have more important things to attend to than such in-fighting. In the end the argument over honey makes us seem way too militant – we want veganism to be inviting.

    Vegan Drinks was born out of SuperVegan right? Can you tell us about that?

    Vegan Drinks is an event where like-minded vegans can get together and just be normal for once. You have a drink, learn about what others are doing in the vegan community and, if you’re lucky, take someone home to make sweet vegan love to. Ha. Seriously though, it’s about having at least one normal night a month. Veganism can be daunting sometimes.

    Read more of our featured interview in next week’s Time Out New York; on newsstands April 7th.

  5. Travis Barker

    Travis Barker: “Puppy juice has changed my life.”

    This is an April Fools post. It isn’t true.

    Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appeared on last night’s Chelsea Lately to tout the benefits of his latest fad diet: freshly squeezed raw puppy juice.

    Barker, a former vegetarian poster boy, ate meat for the first time in 16 years to speed the healing of a broken arm. He then gave up his vegetarian diet entirely after he was injured in a plane crash. Barker explained that his latest diet was inspired by the advice of his Los Angeles physician.

    Puppy juice first made the news last month when former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin touted its age-defying powers on Oprah. According to Travis Barker, “Puppy juice is great for the skin. It gives my tattoos an awesome sheen, and it’s totally worth the incontinence. Plus I haven’t had a single herpes flare-up since I began using it.”

    Asked for his opinion, New York Times food expert Mark Bittman pointed out the environmental benefits of eating an overpopulated species, but added, “Puppies are cute. Why can’t he just eat veal like everyone else?

    “It’s cruel and barbaric to kill an innocent young puppy just for its miraculous healing powers,” added celebrity chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. “I’d only juice a puppy if I found one already dead, like on the street or something.”

    However, vegan expert Kathy Freston explained, “He only juices puppies that would be euthanized anyway. And if his doctors say it’s necessary, well, who are we to judge?”