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  1. Congratulations to Thiru Kumar for winning the 2007 Vendy Cup for best street food! Thiru, arguably the friendliest man in New York City, runs the the NY Dosas street cart on the south side of Washington Square. All of his food is vegan and cheap. And now officially the best.

    The official Vendy Awards website hasn’t been updated post-event yet, but check out coverage from Gothamist, the Daily News and NPR. Big thanks to reader Greta for letting us know about this.

    Are there any other vegan street-food vendors in New York? I know you can always buy a stale pretzel, and maybe a falafel, but does anyone know of other stuff? (Greenmarkets don’t count.)

  2. The 2007 Veggie Awards Ballot is up and ready. Every year, Veg News magazine puts a big survey on the internet and gives away lots of cool prizes.

    Get on over there and vote for your favorite vegan doughnut, ice cream, cookie, bakery, chocolate, and also a bunch of things that aren’t dessert. The most important thing is that you vote for SuperVegan in category 20, “Favorite Veg Blog.” Seriously, it’s mandatory that you vote for us, or you’re not allowed to read the site anymore.

    The grand prize California vacation package includes a 4-day stay at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, dinner at Millenium, and all-you-can-eat ice cream sundaes at MaggieMudd. Don’t miss this chance to show them just how much ice cream you can eat!!

    The poll is open until September 1. The winners (which will include SuperVegan if you know what’s good for you!) will be announced in the November/December issue of VegNews.

  3. Marzipan-knitted cupcakes at VYY. I think I'm in love.

    Marzipan-knitted cupcakes at VYY. I think I’m in love.

    The Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Food Blog are being dominated by vegan foodie sites! Five out of the top nine! Sure, Blogger’s Choice Awards is basically a pay-per-post pseudo-scam that gets more traffic to the awards site than the blogs themselves… but… but… food!

    At the top of the heap (at least for now) is VeganYumYum, my personal favorite go-to source for explicit work-safe vegan food porn. To round out the top tier (non-vegan sites obvs not included), there’s Fat Free Vegan, Vegan Lunchbox, Urban Vegan and Vegan Improv. I’d suggest you go vote for your favorite, but why not just check these out, drool a bit and give them some commenty love instead–it’ll be time better spent.

  4. Tofu Haiku Contest!

    Filed under: Awards Events Food
    Win this swanky Tofu Master t-shirt from Vegan Porn.

    Win this swanky Tofu Master t-shirt from Vegan Porn.

    The Toronto Vegetarian Association is hosting a tofu haiku contest. Billed as a meatless alternative to the cultishly popular SPAM haiku, the contest seeks to bring together fans of the classic short poetic form and lovers of the wiggly white stuff. Contest judges include vegan superstar Sarah Kramer and vegetarian Haiku master Michael Dylan Welch, the longtime vice president of the Haiku Society of America.

    Submit your poem by May 21st and you just might win some schweet schwag. Visit for more info.

  5. This year’s Oscar for Most Unreliable Performance by an AR Organization should go to the American Humane Association, the group that doles out the “No animals were harmed in the making of this film” disclaimer. This year’s Oscar contenders given that seal of approval include The Departed, Half Nelson, and Superman Returns. However, the AHA has been accused of incompetence and disregard for animal safety in films, which leaves me wondering if anybody is watching the animal actors. Nobody wants another tragedy like Flicka.

    On the upside, 2006 was a happening one for animal-friendly films. Though not given the Oscar nod, Behind the Mask, Fast Food Nation, and Charlotte’s Web were honored with nominations for next month’s 21st Genesis Awards, a series that recognizes “news and entertainment media that showcase animal protection issues.”