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  1. Longtime friend-of-SuperVegan J.T. Yost is Kickstarting a sure-to-be excellent comics anthology, Digestate: a food & eating themed comic anthology.

    Now, he made the first mistake of Kickstarter, which is meeting the goal too soon. But he still really could use more money. And you could really use a copy of this book, so go pledge and preorder. Or throw in 10 extra bucks to get a couple of minicomics on the side, like I did.

    J.T.’s own comic is based on an affidavit from a slaughterhouse worker that he got from Gail Eisnitz (author of Slaughterhouse). In addition to J.T. himself, other vegan contributors to DIGESTATE include (some famous names in here!)
    Berkeley Breathed, Neil Brideau, J.T. Dockery, Nicole J. Georges, Adam Hines, Jonas Madden-Connor, Hazel Newlevant, Dan Piraro, Aron Nels Steinke, and James Turek

    There’s over 50 contributors in all. This is a pretty great anthology for just learning who’s who in indie comics. Here’s a bunch of non-vegan famous names in there: Jeffrey Brown, Renée French, Alex Robinson, James Kochalka, Marc Bell, Box Brown, Noah Van Sciver, and Sam Henderson. Top drawer stuff.

    I asked J.T. some questions and he answered so well I’m just gonna quote liberally here:

    Originally this was going to be a comic anthology split between vegans and carnivores (omnivores, technically, but ‘carnivore’ sounds more extreme!). Once I’d made sure I had enough vegans contributing I made up a list of non-vegan artists I hoped might contribute. Once I started asking around I realized that my original idea would end up excluding a lot of talented people that either didn’t identify as carnivorous or fell somewhere further down the dietary preference chain. I thought it would probably turn out more interesting to dial back the theme to anything having to do with food and eating and allow the artists to decide how to approach the theme. Judging from the comics I’ve received thus far, I think my instincts were correct! There’s a huge variety in subject matter and tone. Some gave me autobiographical pieces, some were purely fictional, some are akin to essays and just about everything in-between. I like to think a dialogue has been created that can help all of us understand each other’s point of view when it comes to our choices about food & eating.

    I hope you’ll join me in supporting this awesome project. You’ve got only a few days left.





    All it takes to enter is a few clicks on the screen you’re already reading this on. Just follow us on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram (@wearesupervegan) and then (re)tweet at us, “like” something, comment, or heart a pic! If you’re already doing so, you’re already entered to win!


  3. Hold on to your tofu blocks my friends, the fine folks over at Nasoya like us! They like you! And in a More Than Words Meets Weird Al (aka SuperVegan #1!) moment, they have given us some Vegan Treasure to give away to one of you lucky readers.


    The Treasure Map: A copy of Spork-Fed, a new cookbook by Wonder Twin SuperVegan Powers Jenny Engel & Heather Goldberg. These ladies have been plundering the LA scene for awhile, teaching cooking classes, catering things I’m not invited to, and cultivating a garden of celebrity fans (e.g. aforementioned Weird Al). And, not to peer pressure you or anything, but 58 out of 63 reviewers on Amazon gave it ***** out of *****.

    The Eye Patch/Ruffled Shirt: A pair of Nasoya sweat shorts with the words EXTRA FIRM on the tush so you can show all those Juicy people who’s what at the Crunch, Equinox, or Y. Please don’t wear these outside otherwise, K? Thanks.

    The Cure To Scurvy: Five, that’s 1,2,3,4,5 coupons for a FREE Nasoya item. Any item! You want some tofu? FREE. You want a jar of Nayonaise? $0. You want some Super Hummus? Gratis! You can keep all five for yourself or you can make your friends do things for ’em, s’up to you.

    Life is already hard, so instead of making you actually do something to earn this loot, all it takes to enter is a few clicks on the screen you’re already reading this on. Just show us how you feel by following us on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram (@wearesupervegan) and then (re)tweet at us, “like” something, or heart a pic! If you’re already doing so, you’re already entered to win! We will randomly choose our winner on June 8th. EASY, right? We love you, too.

  4. Bryant Terry

    Bryant Terry

    The first New York Food Book Fair is this weekend in, where else, Williamsburg. Come get your fill of panel discussions, lectures, and book and zine browsing celebrating a diversity of food writing and activism.

    I suspect there will be a fair amount of “hip” discussions of raising backyard beasts and broiling their innards. The good news is it won’t all be about that and you can purchase tickets for individual panel events for $15. I’m looking forward to the Food + Cooking + Change panel discussion because Bryant Terry will be included. In addition to being wickedly handsome and a food justice activist, Terry is author of Vegan Soul Kitchen and, most recently, The Inspired Vegan.

    Also exciting: Dr. Marion Nestle, food politics writer and Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at NYU, will open the fair on Friday with a keynote lecture, Why Food? Why Now?.

    Food Book Fair, May 4-6, Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave.(at North 11th St), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More info:

  5. Did you know we have a NYC Vegan events calendar here on SuperVegan? Well, we do. Here’s a list of some exciting happenings coming up this week.

    • See US Premier of “Cages of Shame”, a film documenting Animals Asia’s rescue of 10 bears from a bile farm in China. Q & A to follow. (Sat 4/14, 6-8pm. Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W. 17th Street, West Village.)
    • Stretch your compassion at Yoga for Bears, a yoga class, lunch, and fundraiser for Animals Asia. (Sun 4/14, 12-3:30. Jivamukti Yoga School NYC, 841 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Union Square.)
    • Visit Vegan Shop Up to buy ethical edibles and other goodies from local artisans. (Sun 4/15, 12-5pm. Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St., Bushwick, Brooklyn.)
    • Drop in on Vegan Book Swap 3.0 to snatch up some vegan cookbooks or AR reads and support Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. (Mon 4/16, 6:30-8:30pm. Sustainable NYC, 139 Ave A, East Village)
    • Be heard at 2012 NYS Humane Lobby Day. Chartered buses and carpools make it easy for you to get your rear to Albany and encourage your elected representatives to put animals on the agenda. (Wed 4/18, 11am-4pm. Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, NY)