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  1. Time to put an entry in your iCal like a commandment etched in stone:


    The First Vegan Bake-Off is happening at The Bell House Sunday, February 10th at 3pm!

    “The event is open to 15-20 everyday bakers who’ve got the baked goods to compete for the title of The Bestest, as voted for by judges and attendees. From cookies and mini-cupcakes, to pastries, tarts, brownies, fudges and bars, the Vegan Bake-Off is sure to be a sweet, sweet sugar high.

    To help crown the earthy crunchiest of them all — and to award prizesjudges Chef Adam Sobel (owner of the insanely-popular Cinnamon Snail Food Truck and Certified Orgasmic), Sarah Gross, organizer of the annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival and owner of Rescue Chocolate, and whip-smart comedian Myq Kaplan will happily indulge in the day’s delicious vegan spread.”

    Get your tickets HERE.

    Compete! Eat! Wear waist-less clothing!

  2. Ethiopian food is awesome, and it’s one of the more inherently vegan-friendly traditional cuisines out there. But it’s very rare to find a place specifically focussed on the v*gan side of Ethiopian food. Bunna Café does that and much more, with their pop-up events showcasing music, dancing, coffee ceremonies, and booze, as well as good eats. They’ve mostly focussed on North Brooklyn to date, but events elsewhere are certainly a possibility.

    Upcoming Bunna Café events include dinners at Tradesman (222 Bushwick Ave, off the Montrose L) on August 26 (this weekend!!), at Alaska Bar (35 Ingraham St, off the Morgan L) on September 2, and at The West (379 Union Ave, off the Lorimer L) on September 8.

    The only non-vegan thing they serve is the honey-based Tej wine. But they will be more than happy to hook us up with alternate drinks.

    I asked Bunna Café’s Sam Saverance a bunch of questions, and he was good enough to answer them:

    SuperVegan: Who’s behind Bunna Café and how did you get started? How long has Bunna Café been going? How long have you been cooking Ethiopian food and/or cooking professionally? Are you Ethiopian yourself?

    Sam Saverance: 
Bunna Café is a three-person team composed of myself, a Texan, and two Ethiopians—Chuny Ali and a third partner who must remain nameless for now because he still has a competing restaurant day job. I am by profession a graphic designer and marketing/branding specialist. For the past four years I have diverged more from production work to branding and promoting African-based companies in order for them to be more successful in the global marketplace.

    I spent some time in Ethiopia back in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the cuisine, visuals, and culture, especially in the way that food is considered an integral part of everyday life. My “nameless” partner hails from the Lalibela region, has spent many years managing restaurants and as a tour guide, and studies architecture at school here in NYC. He is extremely knowledgeable and effective in managing an event, and also has excellent taste in creating a memorable experience. We both met randomly a year ago and after chatting soon discovered that we had the same vision of creating a tasteful venue that reflected Ethiopia in a positive, effective way. Chuny joined us earlier this year. She is our master chef – the food she cooks is mind-blowingly tasty. Even the Ethiopians are mesmerized by the flavors she creates. She manages the kitchen and is incredibly efficient at it.

    All in all the three of us complement each other to a tee. I work on branding, promoting, and event planning, nameless dude works on the managing of events and service, and Chuny manages the kitchen.
    Continue Reading…

  3. Bryant Terry

    Bryant Terry

    The first New York Food Book Fair is this weekend in, where else, Williamsburg. Come get your fill of panel discussions, lectures, and book and zine browsing celebrating a diversity of food writing and activism.

    I suspect there will be a fair amount of “hip” discussions of raising backyard beasts and broiling their innards. The good news is it won’t all be about that and you can purchase tickets for individual panel events for $15. I’m looking forward to the Food + Cooking + Change panel discussion because Bryant Terry will be included. In addition to being wickedly handsome and a food justice activist, Terry is author of Vegan Soul Kitchen and, most recently, The Inspired Vegan.

    Also exciting: Dr. Marion Nestle, food politics writer and Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at NYU, will open the fair on Friday with a keynote lecture, Why Food? Why Now?.

    Food Book Fair, May 4-6, Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave.(at North 11th St), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More info:

  4. Christopher of Dun-Well

    1-2-3 Go!

    Thank YOU for supporting “Our Planet. Theirs Too.” with us at Vegan Drinks NYC on April 26th. We were expertly hosted by the fabulous Heather and Jeff at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Thank you, Pine Box!

    And, special thanks to those organizations and individuals who made Shout Outs:

    May 31st marks the next Vegan Drinks NYC. We’ll be at Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge Street in Manhattan. This will be our first time at Fontana’s and we promise a fantastic evening as we celebrate Vegan Drinks NYC’s fourth birthday! The DJ Grand Format will be back in the DJ booth!

    Get on our mailing list!

  5. Vegan Drinks NYC logo

    Join us THIS Thursday, April 26, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm for Vegan Drinks NYC! We’ll be at our favorite bar ever, Pine Box Rock Shop, located at 12 Grattan Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s just around the corner from the L train at Morgan Avenue. There are also bus stops nearby and plenty of space to park your bike. (And, yes, if you haven’t heard, our home of nearly four years, Angels & Kings Bar, recently closed its doors. We’ll miss you, old buddy!)

    This month any money you throw in the donation jar will benefit the not-for-profit “Our Planet. Theirs Too.“, sponsors of National Animal Rights Day and other projects dedicated to the vision in which human and non-human animals share this planet in peace and harmony.

    Win a great raffle prize while supporting “Our Planet. Theirs Too.” The Regal Vegan has donated a tote bag filled with its Faux Gras and Basillicotta. And, don’t worry if your luck runs short and you don’t win the raffle because there will be free samples of truffles courtesy of ChocAlive! to help you forget.

    Happy hour ends at 8pm! Get to Pine Box Rock Shop EARLY! And, the earlier you get there, the better your chance to purchase from the bar a V-Spot Philly Cheesesteak empanada before I polish them off.

    Have you read the new and improved Vegan Drinks FAQ? Please read it, even if you’re a regular at our event. (Really, please read it. All of it.)

    We’ll turn down the music around 8:30pm and encourage people to promote themselves, their groups and/or causes for 30 seconds. If you represent a veg*n or animal rights group, come prepared with your (very short!) spiel and literature.

    If you’re not already following our every move, connect with Vegan Drinks on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@vegandrinks), and join our e-mail list.

    Vegan Drinks NYC is usually held the last Thursday of the month from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. We’ll head back to Manhattan for the May Vegan Drinks. The exciting details will be shared soon!!!!