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  1. Did you know we have a NYC Vegan events calendar here on SuperVegan? Well, we do. Here’s a list of some exciting happenings coming up this week.

    • See US Premier of “Cages of Shame”, a film documenting Animals Asia’s rescue of 10 bears from a bile farm in China. Q & A to follow. (Sat 4/14, 6-8pm. Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W. 17th Street, West Village.)
    • Stretch your compassion at Yoga for Bears, a yoga class, lunch, and fundraiser for Animals Asia. (Sun 4/14, 12-3:30. Jivamukti Yoga School NYC, 841 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Union Square.)
    • Visit Vegan Shop Up to buy ethical edibles and other goodies from local artisans. (Sun 4/15, 12-5pm. Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St., Bushwick, Brooklyn.)
    • Drop in on Vegan Book Swap 3.0 to snatch up some vegan cookbooks or AR reads and support Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. (Mon 4/16, 6:30-8:30pm. Sustainable NYC, 139 Ave A, East Village)
    • Be heard at 2012 NYS Humane Lobby Day. Chartered buses and carpools make it easy for you to get your rear to Albany and encourage your elected representatives to put animals on the agenda. (Wed 4/18, 11am-4pm. Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, NY)
  2. I finally joined a gym with locations near my office and my home to ensure I’d make it there on a regular basis because, holy heck, THERE’S A VEGAN BAKERY OPENING CLOSE TO MY APARTMENT! Clementine Bakery on Greene Avenue (at the corner of Classon) is opening its doors THIS Sunday, March 4th, at 8:00 a.m. That’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the Classon G station. (Thank you, Clementine co-owners, Michelle Barton and Michael Glen, for remembering not all vegans live along the L train!)

    Among the crazy that is preparing for your first NYC retail venture’s 0th birthday, Michelle Barton found a few spare seconds to take a breather and answer our probing questions.

    Deborah Diamant: How did you settle on Classon and Greene as the spot to open your bakery?
    Michelle Barton: Both Michael and I live close by in the neighborhood, and we saw there was a need for vegan food and an opportunity for us to be part of the local community.

    DD: Where did you get your baking start?
    MB: While I was managing at Terri in Flatiron, I was recruited by Lifethyme Bakery while also working at Champs for a hot minute before being promoted to head baker at Lifethyme.

    DD: What do you think will become your signature item(s)?
    MB: We’ve been working hard to develop an intriguing menu but our favorites thus far are strawberry and blueberry apricot glazed hand pies, and fresh dill and mozzarella biscuits.

    DD: How will Clementine Bakery stand out from the other brick & mortar vegan bakeries already open or expecting to open in the coming months (e.g., Champs, Dun-Well, Blossom, etc.)?
    MB: We plan to make our mark through our attention to craft. Using high quality organic ingredients and preparing essences and extracts in house, we want our customers to get a sense of the enjoyment and curiosity we have in combining different flavors and textures.

    DD: You’ve already got a cookbook available — does this mean all of your secrets have been given away in advance of your opening?
    MB: We think everyone should be able to bake tasty vegan treats. There’s no secrets with us. The more people who understand that vegan baking is just as good or better works for us.

    DD: Is the bakery set up to accommodate the laptop-toting daytime crowd, or is it more a dash-in-and-dash-out kinda place?
    MB: Our shop feels more livingroom than office, but we welcome people who want to stop by for a quick fix

    DD: What brand of coffee will you be serving?
    MB: We’re serving locally roasted Kitten Coffee using the Japanese Hario pour over method and also French press. Our coffee bar features our own custom made creamers.

    DD: What percentage of your ingredients will be organic and fair trade?
    MB: We use 100 percent fair trade ingredients and 90 percent organic. We hope to get that up to 100 percent organic ingredients if we can find the right suppliers.

    DD: Tell us about the grand opening festivities!
    MB: It’s our birthday, so there’ll be cake for everyone, balloon animals and a piñata!

    DD: And, for the most important questions: Vegan chocolate covered malt balls? Do you think it’ll ever happen in the United States and will you finally be the bakery to make them for me?
    MB: I sure can give it a whirl! We could be that bakery to make it happen.

    Clementine Bakery, 299 Greene Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is opening this Sunday, March 4th at 8:00 a.m.! Regular hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Bike, walk or take the G to Classon.

  3. Photo courtesy of Leanne, by Melissa Schwartz of scwartzstudios.

    Photo courtesy of Leanne, by Melissa Schwartz of scwartzstudios.

    Remember how we mentioned that the very first Vaute Couture store, Vaute Here, is opening on Sunday in Williamsburg?! YEAH ya do! If you’re half as psyched as I am, you’ll want to read all about owner Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart’s adventure in opening her first shop — how she chose the space, what she learned about creating a store, and what you’ll find in the shop when it opens (it’s more than coats! Yay!). Read on for a little Q-and-A between Leanne and me.

    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is the founder and owner of the New York-based vegan clothing company Vaute Couture. She’s been featured on, has an MBA, and is a model. (To quote a movie, she’s “so hot it’s like looking through a shimmering jet engine.”)

    Samantha Cohen: What has it been like to set up your first shop?
    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart: This has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Unlike what most people probably think, my (or any other designer’s) life is usually full of logistical and operational details and processes, with design being about 2 percent of what I normally get to do. As a bootstrapped, self-funded venture, I’ve been working nearly all by myself, besides the occasional intern or amazing confidante to help during the craziest times, for the past three and a half years. That’s operations, production management, marketing, sales, customer service, design, finances, and product development.

    This past fall I barely made it out alive, working from morning until past midnight, nothing but work, to keep up with this insane third season. (Not that I’m complaining–I’m very, very grateful to do what I love and have the best customers in the world, that is for sure. I just want to give an idea of why building the store was so wonderful for me.) After I took my first vacation in two years this January, I started hiring my first team to help with operations and customer service, while building the space. Continue Reading…

  4. image courtesy of Vaute Couture

    image courtesy of Vaute Couture

    Vaute Couture, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart’s all vegan, all locally made coat line, will open its first store at 234 Grand Street in Williamsburg on Sunday, March 4 (that’s just ten days away — February is short!) with a sample sale and a preview of the spring collection. This is exciting because those coats are expensive. (And so is making them!) So coats from previous collections are up to 70 percent off for six hours starting at noon on Sunday, during which we will wreck each other while we grab for coats like there’s a sale at Kleinfeld’s and it’s all our weddings.

    And! Leanne told me in an email that VC is “also launching a spring collection of printed dresses, overalls, and jumpers, out soon made of organic cotton, recycled materials, and hemp denim.” I LOVE OVERALLS. This is my secret shame, actually. I hope no one who respects me is reading this. Also, dresses. Leanne’s coats are so gorgeous, form-fitting, and well-made. I’m absolutely thrilled to know she’s bringing her sensibility to clothing.

    As for the store: “Nearly everything in the store is created of salvaged materials, like our photobooth made from decades-old doors from BuildItGreen, a mantle from Lady Gaga’s Barney’s Exhibit that became our cash wrap, a hand-etched Starry Lightbox for a dressing room, and all our mannequins from Abercrombie & Fitch,” Leanne said. “Even the paint is leftover, used gallons.” Beautiful clothing and an eco-conscious store to boot!

    If you can’t make it Sunday (there will be free sweets! and hugs, Leanne says!), visit later; the store will obviously be open forever because it’s going to be fantastic. LEANNE CAN DO NO WRONG. What? I’m serious.

    Vaute Couture Grand Opening
    Sunday, March 4, 12 p.m.
    234 Grand Street, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, G to Lorimer)

  5. Vegan Shop-Up

    Happy, attractive people flock to the Vegan Shop-Up! (Photo courtesy of

    We’re excitedly counting down the days until we can shop with abandon at the February 12th Vegan Shop-Up at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn! To take our minds off how to balance being in our favorite bar in such close proximity to sweets, savories, wearables, washables and other assorted odds and ends, we sent Sarah Peltier, the founder of Vegan Shop-Up, our ten most pressing questions! In turn, Sarah sent us her ten best answers! Feel free to read out loud to your loved one(s).

    Deborah Diamant: You’re a year old! How does a vegan pop-up shop celebrate this achievement?
    Sarah Peltier: We plan to celebrate our first birthday with lots of freebies for everyone! Some of the best vegan-friendly companies around have donated treats: VegNews, Babycakes, Terri, MooShoes, Foodswings, and Babeland.

    DD: Why do you think pop-up shops have gotten so popular the last year or so?
    SP: They’re the perfect low-risk venue for companies without a regular location to reach the public. They’re an enticing shopping experience and a great way for smaller businesses to get noticed.

    DD: How many vendors were at your first shop-up, and how many do you expect this weekend?
    SP: We had a whopping five vendors at the very first Shop-Up last February, and now we are at 32! It grows more and more each time around.
    Continue Reading…