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  1. Remember that time that I went to Georgetown Cupcake and it was a sweet-smelling version of a war-torn Escape From LA? If you follow us on Instagramz, then you know I gave them a second chance– I’m big like that when it comes to dessert. I’m happy to report that it was great (though I didn’t use the facilities or try to order iced tea)!

    They now have 3 (that’s 1, 2, 3!) vegan flavors; Vegan Apple Cinnamon (M,TR, S), Vegan Cranberry Spice (T,F), and Vegan Carrot (W, SU), and a handy-dandy chart that can lead you to your favorite. I’ve tried two of the three flavors (my feelings on dessert made from vegetables are well known, so no W or Su for me, thanks) and they’re both delicious…though I’ve also made a request for another option that’s more chocolate, or caramel, or vanilla.

    photoapple cinnamon

    To convince YOU to give them a chance, the very kind folks of Georgetown Cupcake are giving away a gift card valued at one dozen fairy cakes (that’s what they call them in England, also that’s $29!) to one lucky SuperVegan Angeleno! THAT COULD BE YOU (if you live in Los Angeles)!

    All you have to do is leave a comment (make sure you provide your e-mail address!) answering this question (in the form of a question, for extra points): Which would you rather have, a dozen flu shots, or a dozen vegan cupcakes?

    There is but one restriction: YOU MUST LIVE IN L.A.

    Winner will be chosen Monday (1/21) at high noon.

  2. Have you always wanted to dine in the middle of an art gallery? Are you looking to break (delicious) bread with strangers? Do you like eating several courses of yummy vegan food in one sitting? Reader, I know you! So mark your calendars and send your RSVP’s– Chef Anne Lee and Castle Gourmet are having another pop-up dinner on Thursday, January 17th!

    pop up dinner

    Here are the pertinent details:

    $50/pp with an additional $20 wine pairing option

    Thursday, January 17, 7pm

    Pop tART Gallery – 3023 W. 6th St, Los Angeles, CA

    If you go, please let us know how it was in our mighty fine comment section, ‘K thanks.

  3. Attention Fellow Angelenos!

    This Monday, January 14th, I am going to put on outside clothes and head over to Susan Feniger’s Street, an excellent and very vegan-friendly restaurant, to eat excellent and vegan food prepared by The Spork Sisters! Join me, won’t you? I mean, look at this menu:

    spork at street

    If you can still get one, you definitely need a reservation! BYOS (Bring Your Own Spork)!

  4. Happy New Year, Super Vegans!

    The LA SV HQ packed-up the ol’ Prius and headed north for the holidays. We ate a lot of truly delicious things along the way. Here’s our foodiary:

    First stop was Sunnyvale, CA. We celefeasted at Great Vegi Land, whose owner stayed open late just for us, so we ordered half the menu! This is the kind of vegan restaurant that also abstains from onions and garlic, two of my favorite things:

    great vegi land

    Top row: Hot & Sour Soup, Tofu Clay Pot, Mao Pao Tofu With “Fish”
    Bottom row: Dry Salted String Beans, Veggie Beef With Black Pepper Sauce, Kung Pao Veggie Chicken

    We sandwich’d at Ike’s and then tweeted with the man himself about getting a location for ourselves in LA:


    Vegan Captain Kirk, Vegan Pilgrim, Vegan Chocolate Chili Banana Cookie From Cake Monkey

    We ate until all the food was gone at Merit Vegetarian, my fav:


    Spicy Delight, Mocha Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, and Vietnamese Crepe

    We left Sunnyvale and continued north to Hiouchi, where the food paled in comparison to the trees. We went on a hike through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and found Grove Of The Titans, a secret trove of trees the size of skyscrapers.We actually had a couple other dishes, but they were so good I forgot to photograph them!


    That’s SV mascot Argon, a XL dog.

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  5. Have you tried Georgetown Cupcake yet? The name is singular, which is funny because they have approximately 80 billion cupcakes for sale. I went over there yesterday to get some celebratory vegan treats for my friend The Insufferable Vegan and failed…

    It had just started to rain in Los Angeles, and if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to drive here during even the lightest of sprinkles, imagine everyone on the road white-knuckling the steering wheel and screaming bloody murder at the top of their lungs and you’re not too far off.

    I walked in to the beautiful new shoppe on Robertson just south of West Third and looked in wonderment at the sea of attractive cupcakes before me. It looked good, it smelled good, but the people milling around looked shell-shocked somehow, which I attributed to the harrowing driving conditions.

    I was a wee bit disappointed to have my internet research confirmed — there was only one flavor of vegan cupcake available, cranberry spice. Hey, one is all I need… one is infinitely better than none! So I tried to order some, and the nice woman at the register told me they were out of vegan frosting. Out of frosting? The cake is just a conduit for the frosting! But there’s at least seven frosted ones on display– what about them? “Trust me,” she said, “you do not want to eat those.” I did not want dry cakes either.

    I turned to my trusty omni companion to let him order and he said he didn’t even want anything. What?! He is a grown man who subsists on a steady diet of Oreos and soda and it was his idea to seek this place out! He took another look around, “Do you have iced tea?” She said yes and I interrupted to ask if there was a restroom. The same nice young lady looked at me as though she had had the longest hardest day at Folsom Prison Day Care and I was asking her to read me yet another story and said, “Yes, but only the men’s is working right now.” “Wow, you guys are having a rough day!” She agreed, looking in need of a chair and a hug.

    Upon my return from the loo I found my omni at the condiment bar and in his hands were a little white bag and a cup of iced tea … “They’re out of ice.”

    A woman in an apron approached us and said, “V squared?” and handed us a pink box. If you’re confused, it’s because it was confusing. ‘V squared’ is a double vanilla cupcake, but he had only ordered one, and he already had it. She shrugged and walked away. We looked around at the other customer-refugees to see who they might rightfully belong to, but all we got were pleading looks, so we fled. I realize now we should have taken them with us.

    We made it back to the car, opened up the little white bag, and pulled out a cupcake … that was not the one he had ordered. And inside the box were two more cupcakes, frosting sliding off the cakes like an avalanche in Candy Land in winter.

    Running a business is hard. Really really hard. Running a business during the holidays? Madness! The kind of insanity where a fancy cupcake store is reduced to selling frosting-free cupcakes, iceless iced tea, something horrible has happened in the WC, and they get customers’ orders wrong three different ways. I have worked holiday retail, and I empathize with anyone currently doing so. So I guess I’ll have to try for my vegan cupcake and cold beverage again some day that’s no where near February 14th. Maybe I’ll call ahead. Congratulations, Insufferable Vegan?!

    Have you successfully tried their vegan offerings? Please do comment and let me know what I missed!