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  1. If you follow us on Twitter, you might recall a call to eation (eating action) in the order of getting to Phoney Baloney’s in Irvine, CA before they closed. We made it there just in the nick of time with our binge eating buddy The Insufferable Vegan, and not only were the sandwiches fantastic (the grown-up grilled cheese in particular) but so was the conversation with owner, sandwich guru, and Vegan Vagrant, Kyle Domer. After a little time to recuperate, we thought we’d check-in with Kyle, pick his brain, and his recipe box.

    SuperVegan: How long have you been a vegan person?

    Kyle: Since March of 2002, so about ten and a half years.

    What were you doing before you opened Phoney Baloney’s? And how did you become a super vegan sammy maker?

    My background is in marketing, with prior business ownership in the skateboard industry. I was just doing freelance marketing for a variety of clients before opening up PB’s. Having been vegan for over 10 years, I’ve made myself a lot of good food, and sandwiches have been some of my favorites. The only food that trumps sandwiches in my book is Mexican food, but that’s a little more complicated to start as a business than sandwiches.

    What’s your best/funniest story about serving vegan food inside of a gym?

    Honestly, there weren’t that many. The obvious, “Wait, this isn’t real chicken?” was standard fare, but nothing too crazy other than that.

    Hmm … nothing amusing or interesting about being in a gym? I can’t believe that! Were people lured away from their physical fitness regiment by the smell of your grown-up grilled cheese? Were any diners turned-off by the smell of sweat?

    A lot of people said they, “Can’t work out while smelling bacon the whole time!” whenever we were making our coconut bacon. We actually had two or three gym members complain to the owner about it! Some people would mention the musty aura in the place but always said the food quality was worth the awkward ambiance.

    It’s terribly sad that Phoney Baloney’s closed, but also exciting that you’re planning something newer and better for LA proper. We can’t wait to taste what you do next! What lesson did you learn from the Phoney Baloney’s experience that you’ll take with you to the next incarnation?

    Location, location, location. Although something within a niche like veganism demands less emphasis on location, it doesn’t mean it can be neglected completely. Also, food costs and correct pricing may be the most important part of keeping the business afloat.

    So any hints as to what will be next for you and when? Is it going to be another PB’s or a new place altogether? A food truck? Sit-down? Still just sandwiches?

    I’d like it to be another Phoney Baloney’s, just in a different form. Still a sandwich-centered menu, but with the increased diversity that could come from a full kitchen. There will also be local craft beer involved. My vision for the next project is getting clearer every day and there are some things I just won’t compromise on. When the time is right, everything will come together like it’s supposed to.

    In the meantime, can people hire you for catering or special events? Or if they’re having a sandwich emergency?

    We are just getting into catering and it’s so much more than sandwiches, which is really nice for my culinary creativity. We had some amazing customers (and all around stellar humans) named Jessica and Kenny who are about to welcome a new vegan baby into the world and we have the honor of catering their baby shower this weekend. I’m working on doing some vegan grilled cheese parties, although the first one is a private event for the PETA office in Echo Park next week. I’ve got some cool guest chef nights lined-up, but you’ll hear more about those when they’re set in stone.

    Where’s your favorite place to eat in LA? And what’s your favorite thing to get there?

    I’m kind of a beer snob geek, so good draft beer is kind of a requisite when I go out to eat. That being said, I like Mohawk Bend and The Pub at Golden Road. Mohawk Bend buffalo cauliflower is always outstanding. For fancy date nights, it’s gotta be Shojin. Real Food Daily is always good too.

    Share a trade secret! Is there one thing a novice sandwich maker can do at home to take their sandwich to the next level?

    I’ve always been adamant that the way the ingredients are layered makes a huge difference in the overall taste sensation of a sandwich. Also, it’s amazing how adding some herbs/spices/lemon juice to Vegenaise can elevate the flavor profile of the final product.

    I love the idea of layering ingredients, can you elaborate on that? What’s the right way to do it? Provide an example?

    Sure. First of all, you have to have some sort of spread on both sides of the bread. There’s nothing worse than a dry sandwich. Then, my typical way of stacking, from bottom to top, is protein, lettuce, tomato and onion. Avocado will usually be the top layer but that depends on the dish. In our Veggiepalooza, we did the avocado on the bottom because it was the “meat” of that particular sandwich.

    Can you share a recipe with us?

    Since it’s smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, I figured I’d share one of my classic holiday party dishes. This is classic comfort food, sure to win over omnivores and vegans alike. Don’t get me wrong… this is vegan, but it’s no health food. You do get a nice share of spinach in it, but that’s about the healthiest part of this party favorite.
    Continue Reading…

  2. Looking for a place in Beverly Hills to be Vegan, eat yummy things, and be swanky? Put on something smart casual and head over to Windows Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel! Their lovely chef has created a whole slew of Vegan items just for people like us, but classier, so go take advantage whilst simultaneously impressing people.

    Take a look at the spread they put in front of my face!

    Top Row: Cocktail, Jicama Tostada, Hand Made Quesadilla with Corn and Mushrooms
    Middle Row: Special Mushroom Crostini, Pommes Frites, a Special Tofu Dish
    Bottom Row: Young Hollywood Salad, Farmer’s Market Heirloom Tomato Crostini

    Everything was tasty, especially the things with ‘shrooms, and look at that cute copper cup my cocktail came in! Nothing’s fancier than one lady eating seven dishes.

  3. Whatever you eat next Thursday, we suggest you Adopt A Turkey, such as the appropriately named Skip, as in Skip The Turkey, pictured here, at Farm Sanctuary!

    Whatever you eat next Thursday, we suggest you Adopt A Turkey, such as the appropriately named Skip, as in Skip The Turkey, pictured here, at Farm Sanctuary!

    I’ve said this before but I’ll write it now: Thanksgiving is the only good holiday for the following, inarguable reasons (please don’t argue):

    1. It is a holiday where the holiday is eating your body weight in delicious foods, resting, and repeating. Then shopping, if you’re crazy.

    1.* There is no obligatory gift-giving.

    1.* There is no God or God-like entity involved.

    1.* It’s not just an excuse for people to act like their worst (drunkest/sluttiest) selves.

    *4-way tie for first place in order of importance.

    But let’s face it, Turkeys like Thanksgiving even less than a single lady likes Valentimes. For years, and including this one, we here at SuperVegan have published a comprehensive list of places for NYers to eat other things, but now it’s LA’s time to shine in gravy. So, without further defrosting, here is a list of places where you can eat-out or order-in in the Greater Los Angeles area. Let us know if you know of anything missing at— we’ll continue to update the post, just as we’ll continue to eat a steady stream of stuffed things on Thursday. Continue Reading…

  4. Attention Super Vegans Everywhere! Stop what you are doing and read me now! Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Echo Park, California is one of the best meals you could ever eat. Don’t trust me? Ask Insufferable Vegan, my lunch mate. Don’t trust words? Lookee at our spread (we maaaaaaaaay have ordered just a wee too much):

    Top Row: Bistro Po’ Boy with German Potato Salad, Close up of the Po’ Boy, Close up of the Potato Salad. Middle Row: Root Vegetable Tacos, Mac and Cheese Ball, Quinoa Corn Cake. Bottom Row: Pesto Croissant Club Sandwich, Close up of the sandwich, Mashed Potatoes.

    I am still recovering. Not sure what to eat from now on, as this place has raised the bar on face-stuffing ever so high! My favorite thing was the club croissandwich. I.V.’s favorite was the Po’ Boy. Everything else was a close second. I mean, who would think that root vegetables, kale and Hollandaise would make for a good taco? And now that’s all I can think about.

    There’s also a Kind Kreme inside, which I found out is owned by the daughter of the Cafe Gratitude proprietors! I guess that soybean didn’t fall far from the stalk. As you can guess, there was not even space enough in our tums for a taste.

    Make a Vegan pilgrimage to this place at once!

  5. Green Peas 2.0

    After what felt like an endless renovation, Green Peas Casual Food in Culver City, CA finally re-opened yesterday. It was packed! There were balloons! Check it out:

    My sandwich is better than your sandwich! That one’s the New Lemon Pepper Chicken. Who’s that in the middle of the bottom row? Why that’s TeeVee’s Laura Innes! They still have Jamaica’s Cakes (I had Strawberry Vanilla). And have you tried their pea soup? It’s unlike any you’ve had before. Look at the steam rising off that cup!

    The food is still great, and maybe a little more great, with some new menu items and special dinner specials planned, but I’m not so sure the 6+ months of down time was worth it. The new space, while supposedly a vast improvement for the staff (the nicest people ever), is less so for the diners, other than that our food should be ready faster now and apparently there’s a patio in the back (I didn’t see it). But the once big open floor plan is now broken up into several smaller-feeling spaces that don’t flow nearly as well. And though the chalkboard wall menu is still in the same spot, the registers are in a little nook off to the right. This is problematic because when huddling in the check-out, the menu is out of your line of sight.

    Welcome back, Green Peas, we’ve missed you! NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN.